Sunday, April 6, 2014

Four letter words - there's a few

Roughly two months ago I wrote a post called "Procrastination is a four letter word" well so to is spam (a four letter word that is) because in eight weeks I've had 3303 comments on that post, 99% of which are spam.

As a result I will be putting tighter controls on commenting to prevent 'anonymous' comments - apologies if that is painful for any of you who do normally comment. I would recommend befriending me on Facebook if you want to comment on my blog hassle free.

Don't get me wrong I love comments but when I get up to 20 and 30 email notifications a day which are just rubbish well it loses it's shine. Plus I'm sometimes missing the important stuff due to the sheer quantity of emails.

I have a couple of things to share because sadly despite my busy lifestyle I still suffer badly from procrastination and I think I get the reason why. First two lines from an article I found on fear of failure.
"Fear is the mind killer, the eradicator of potential, the eraser of personal progress. And if there’s one thing that will stop you embracing life in the moment it’s fear"
Today I should be writing a 2500 word essay on Strategic Management, yet my brain hurts in trying to get my head around strategic thinking and thinks like competitive advantage and SWOT analysis and the like.

I've done all of the notes and majority of the reading and I have just over a week to do it so no panic stations yet. Procrastination also means justifying and making excuses. It will get done, but I'll write the World Moms Blog post that is due and this post before I knuckle down to the important stuff oh and I might wash my car first too.

My brain has been clouded with a cold the last few days so my thinking is not too clear at the moment either. Excuse number 352.

I found this meditation today which is something that sounds like my kind of thing...I've always wanted to try meditation but I suffer from monkey brain or spaghetti brain which ever you want to call it, it never stops whirling and thinking about things.

However I think I do this one anyway in some small form, so maybe just some more conscious thinking in doing it will help.

Waterfall Meditation (in the shower)
  • Adjust the water to your ideal temperature. Take a few deep breaths and set your intention to use this as time to meditate. Feel the water on your head and dripping down onto your shoulders, arms, torso, legs and feet. Become mindful of the scent and texture of the shower gel. Concentrate on how the suds feel on your skin.
  • The first part of this meditation is to imagine the soapy water washing any negative thoughts and feelings down the drain.
  • The second part of the meditation is to visualise there's a white, healing light streaming out o the shower head along with the water. Imagine the light is penetrating and regenerating your mind, body and spirit.
So I quite often use the white light thing (not usually in the shower though) and I also used to do the relaxation of every part of my body from toes to head to calm myself down to sleep so I think this kind of meditation would work for me and also seems like a good way to start the day relaxed and thinking positively.

We'll see how it goes. Do you have a technique or process that you use to keep yourself positive and focused? I'd love to hear about it. If you're unable to comment here once I put the new restrictions on commenting then you can always send a friend request to me at

Hope you're staying positive, focused and procrastination-free this week.

Cheers, Fi


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the spam you've been getting. I had to put some restrictions on my blog, too. So frustrating!

    The shower meditation is an interesting one. Next week is our state testing, so I might have to give that one a try before heading to work on day. I need to find some good relaxation techniques that I will stick with.

  2. Hi Karen - Glad you got past the spam guards to comment - would be interested to hear if the shower meditation works for you

  3. There is a special place in hell for spammers, identity thieves and bullies.

  4. "Do you have a technique or process that you use to keep yourself positive and focused?"
    Yes. I do.
    DENIAL! : D


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