Friday, April 25, 2014

Here it 2014 Vision

After realising that I had been slow in getting my vision board together for 2014, I decided I better get moving. The idea of a vision board kind of fits nicely with the learning from the Strategic Management section of my MBA.

How can a business achieve success without a vision for the future, same too, how can I achieve success without a vision for my future. Amazing things happened in 2013 because I believed in myself and took a leap of faith. I believed that I could do better.

This year for me is really about doing more living, loving and laughing - doing more of the things which make me happy, putting a stronger focus on my writing and successfully completing my MBA.
For the record, my first exam last night was several moments of terror. Not the I'm scared kind of terror but the fear of failure kind of terror. The kind where you sit down and look at the exam paper and your mind is totally blank and you have no idea how you're going to put logical sentences together about competitive edge and diversification.

It's so much easy when its things that interest you but unfortunately while I find it interesting to learn about, it just doesn't stay in my brain, much like maths - in one ear and out the other. After all, there's no creativity or visual design in strategic management or maths for that matter.

Back to my vision board - travel is high on my agenda and while not overseas again this year, it's about putting things in place financially to make the travel possible in future years. It's also about finishing my MBA, making money from my writing and just basically doing what's in my heart and makes me happy.

Now on the subject of what makes me happy, I'm off to pick up my grandson for a sleepover at Nani's. With crazy busy times, I don't get nearly enough time to see him, so we have Nani and Jay time tonight.

Hope you all have a sensational weekend, and on this ANZAC remembrance day here's remembering all those who gave their lives in battle so that we could be safe.

Cheers, Fi


  1. I like the idea of doing what is in your heart and makes you happy. Too often we don't think of that as something important in our lives.

  2. You have almost inspired me to create my own vision board.


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