Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spaghetti Brain

So it's the end of day two of my first weekend of MBA study and while I survived the process, my brain now feels like half chewed up and spat out spaghetti. In other words it's a tangled and unsightly mess. I can't think straight.

My brain has been fully overloaded this weekend and I feel like I could sleep for a week.

Returning to study at a masters level is going to be damn hard work, however several things have become extremely clear to me after only two days;
  1. The realisation that I've actually learnt a hell of a lot in my working life and all of this will contribute and enhance my understanding of this course.
  2. I've had some amazing bosses over the years who have been instrumental in adding to my knowledge and as a result my respect for them has ratcheted up several levels.
  3. Time management and good organisation whilst I'm still working full time is going to be crucial for me to be successful and get through the next 12 months.
  4. Thank god my children are all almost adults and mostly self-sufficient.
  5. Belief that I think I've made the right decision in undertaking this study. It's exciting and engaging and at the same time is kind of scary and daunting.
  6. If it's too easy though there's no challenge is there?
I'm definitely going to have to get my self sorted out and understand what can stay and what will have to go in terms of things I like to do, want to do, need to do.

Blogging and personal writing might take a bit of a hit, that nasty addiction which I picked up in Phuket will have to go (yeah get your mind out of the gutter - I'm talking about playing Candy Crush on my phone)

I'll have to be more structured in housework, especially when several weekends will go by the wayside - or I could get my grownup children to do more - novel idea that one.

Reading will be based around textbooks and case studies, alas not magic and romance novels - I'm looking at probably 10-15 hours of recommended self study a week, which is kind of considerable. Less Facebook time, less mind numbing TV viewing or sitting around shooting the breeze with hubby and his mates.

Sacrifices will be necessary to achieve my goals, but I'm pretty certain it won't be easy. Giving up my two sleep in mornings was hard enough this week.

So now with that little bit of wisdom, I'm off to do more meaningful things - not study though, after 8 hours today I'm not so sure my spaghetti brain has any more capacity today.

Cheers, Fi

Note: OMG, I just googled spaghetti brain to see if I could find a suitable image for this post and there's actually a definition in the urban dictionary - and I thought I was being unique.  
Spaghetti Brain - A state of mind where you are suffering from information overload or are in such a confused emotional state that you cant think straight.


  1. You can do it! I know how hard it can be to go back to school but the end result is SO worth it! I couldn't have done it without Daniel taking over a majority of the housework. Definitely enlist those almost-grown children!

  2. Yep, you'll be needing a wife so better update the name tag on hubby's shirts. Also good time for the kids to become experienced carers (of & for you) We have been through this with family and your extended family will think you have left the country so just make sure they are warned and that you will be back with a Degree later. You will need to be 'selfish' and take what you need. Go get it!


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