Sunday, April 27, 2014

Change if you dare

Today wraps up the tenth day of a nice little extended week of rest, yet how nice it would be to have more days of doing what I want, when I want.

Sleep-ins are quite a luxury, as are late nights which are made possible by those sleep-ins. I do my best stuff in the hours after sunset and I will never be the happy early riser.

I find though that routine and work and life provide the motivation to do things that fall by the wayside when I'm in relaxation mode. The fast trot to and from work once I get off the tram is enjoyable and necessary - yet not so when I'm home, a fast trot around the block is a chore which I rarely find time to fit in, despite making promises to myself that I will.

Eating healthy and nourishing food, easy at work because that's all I take with me meaning there are no other options. At home the fridge and pantry beckons. Writing my morning pages, easier when I'm driving to work and I sit in my car before I get on the tram. It requires me to be organised and on schedule though, otherwise I run out of time before my tram comes.

Reading is easy, 20 minutes on the tram both morning and night provides time to read, yet at home there are so many other distractions. So it comes back to that book I've been reading about habits that I mentioned in my Flashes of Inspiration post - yes I've been making the time to read it because it's so enlightening.

Habits are what get us places (or hold us up too) We need those cues to remind us to do things so that they become routine (habitual). If they're not the right cues then we need to change them so that our routines change. This idea really makes sense to me. I intend to get off the tram a stop earlier and walk to my car each evening, changing my routine as it were.

An extra 10 -15 minutes of walking but when added to my already half hour it starts to mean something in terms of exercise which I don't make time for. The cue is when the tram stop before mine is called each day.

I read somewhere on Facebook today (yeah my little font of knowledge) that if you're weight bothers you and you're not actively doing something to fix it then you have no right to complain.

I think that goes for life, if something isn't making you happy then only you can do something about it, and if you're not prepared to do something about it then you shouldn't be complaining about it either.

Mmmm now there's something to think about. I still have things in my life that don't make me happy and which I complain about - time to be eating my own words it would seem.

Cheers, Fi

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