Saturday, April 19, 2014

Memories of childhood and chocolate

Easter is another reminder that my babies aren't babies any more. My favourite part of Easter used to be running around on a Saturday night after the boys had all gone to bed and setting up their Easter hunt.

Little pictures of household items which took them all over the house and outside searching until they finally found their eggs. It's an Easter hunt tradition that my parents did for my brother and I, and was a tradition which I continued for my boys all through the years of their childhood.

Tonight on Easter Saturday, eldest son is in his own home, middle son is in the city celebrating a mates birthday and youngest is at his girlfriends. Hubby is still catching up on his sleep after a week of night shift, so he's asleep on the lounge with the dog curled up at his feet.

Easter Saturday isn't what it used to be as I sit here writing a blog post and reviewing my study notes for my next subject and prepare for my exam this week.

I won't get woken up by three excited little boys in the morning, I won't have to try and force them to eat normal food instead of chocolate and I won't have a fridge full of chocolate that displaces all of the food. Some days I miss my babies being babies.

On the up side I'll get to sleep in tomorrow morning, I can sit here tonight peacefully writing and watching a movie without feeling guilty and my purse is a whole lot fatter because grown men only need a box of Favourites chocolates, not a whole bag of chocolates each.

There's that little part of me who thinks that maybe I could wake them up early in the morning with lots of squeals and 'it's time to get up comments', perhaps I could even bounce on the end of their beds. Yeah I'm sure they'd do the grumpy 'its too early' face perfectly, so perhaps I won't. But I can still think about doing it and smile.

Some days the memories keep you going, yet they also make you miss the good ol' days just a little bit. But only a little bit because sleeping in for this night owl is just the greatest joy of my Easter break these days.

Hope you're all having a wonderful Easter and for those of you with little ones, enjoy making wonderful memories while there young enough to still appreciate it.

Cheers, Fi


  1. My mom did the Easter egg hunt for my girls yesterday, but I could definitely tell we are in our last years of that. Andrea (13) was only enticed by finding out some of the eggs had some money stuck inside. :-(

    1. It's kind of bittersweet isn't it Karen - they're growing up but their childhood is shrinking as they move towards adulthood.


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