Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Believing works...

I've been doing some work on my website today, in between studying for a Strategic Management exam - that was me having to intersperse the 'want to do' with the 'need to do'.

Anyway in the process of doing some of the web design work I was going through my files and I found my vision board that I put together in early 2013 and I was amazed at how much on that board has actually eventuated.

Look at this....

  1. So the little blue four door car...I got that in November, brand new and while not the Mazda 3 in this photo it's a Toyota Corolla, same same but different. My first ever new car.
  2. The photo of Phi Phi Island in the bottom left corner - yep our trip to Phuket eventuated last month - (it counts if it was booked last year doesn't it)
  3. House in the bottom right corner, while this is my dream hang out and I didn't quite get that, we did purchase an investment property in 2013.
  4. Write for the web / writer - I established my website last year, wrote another book (this one on project managing your personal goals) and joined the South Australian Romance Writers Group.
  5. Happiness and money - well after 12 years I finally took the leap of faith and quit my job that was no longer making me happy and got a better paying one which is more in line with what I want to do.
Going on the success of things achieved last year, it's beyond time to get the 2014 one underway and happening because boy-o-boy this vision board worked for me. So many more things to achieve this year and really the one image which really says it all is the one in the centre - meditation as a symbol of well being and peace.

I am happy...and I do believe amazing things will happen for myself and my family. I haven't always felt that way and while the shitty moments will still knock me around, they no longer define me or control my thinking.

So what are you envisaging for 2014.

Cheers, Fi

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