Sunday, January 30, 2011

'Worry' is a four letter word

Though no-one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new end.~ Author Unknown ~

I want to strangle him. No first I want to hug him and tell him I love him and then I am going to slap him around the head for causing so much worry and then I will strangle him. Eldest MM went out to a work show last night (yes he's got himself a job) and he hasn't gone home yet. His phone is going to straight to voicemail because it's obviously gone flat and his fiance is working herself into a state of worry.

The 'boy' is 22 years old and still acts like an irresponsible 2 year old. At this stage I am not worrying too much but there's always that run away imagination which imagines things being worse than they really are. Unfortunately I have a run away imagination, necessary I guess when you want to be a published writer but not the best asset when you're a mother of 3 boys.

I am hoping that he will walk through the door of his house this afternoon wondering what the hell all of the fuss is about. He will have to duck because I'm sure his fiance will throw something hard and heavy at his head in the hope of knocking some sense into him for causing so much worry.

I had him at a young age and he has always been the one who has been the hardest work. My story of our dramas with him is on the 'In my Words' tab of this blog. He causes me more concern and worry at 22 than the other two at 13 and 16 put together. This is the boy who in 20 short weeks will be a father himself. He is so not ready for the challenges and anguish that accompany parenthood. In truth I don't think any of us are ever truly ready.

I believe (and strongly hope) that this will be the making of him. Deep down he is a good kid with a heart of gold, who is awesome with babies and will make a good father. That's if his fiance and I don't end up strangling him with frustration.

I planned on writing more today, but as is the case when I'm worried or upset I am unable to focus and relax enough to write my story. On the positive side I pumped out just shy of 3200 words last night. Stupendous effort. I forced myself to go to bed just after 1am otherwise I could have sat there all night writing. At least this effort more than compensates for the pitiful lack of words this week.

I'm off to worry some more and prepare my right hook ready to give him a thumping. We never stop being mothers do we? Even when they've flown the nest and have families of their own - motherhood really is forever with all of its joys and frustrations.

Trying not to worry, Fi


Four hours since my post and he's home safe and well and wondering what all the fuss is about. He finished up late last night and was unable to get a train home from the other side of town so he stayed at his bosses house. His phone had gone flat so he was unable to call his fiance because he doesn't know her mobile number without his phone. Typical boy!!!

I've been around and given him a 'thumping' and told him that he better treat his fiance like a princess for the next week for all the worry he caused her. Now I can relax and do some writing.



  1. Ah Fi -- hugs. I read your note on my blog yesterday and wanted to reach across the ocean and give you a hug.

    So glad he's safe and home -- and yup -- they can definitely be a tad.... worrisome!



  2. Glad that had a happy ending, but they're never too old not to worry about!

    BTW, you have one a copy of Mrs. Tuesday's Departure giveaway, but I need your email address so Amazon can send it to you. Please email me at: andsuzanne(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you!


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