Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beer Drinker Invasion

Here is a test to find out whether your mission in life is complete...If you're alive, it isn't.~ Richard Bach ~

Today the hoards have descended on my backyard, the beer drinking hoards that is, with every mate that my husband can lay claim to having passed through our backyard today. The concrete is being laid in hubby's 'taj mahal' today - 8 cubic metres of concrete to be exact (not that this means much to me) What it does mean is that they all come to observe and take advantage of the awesome amounts of food and beer that I've provided.

In reality what would potentially have been a $20K plus shed has in fact cost us less than $10K, so there are definite bonuses in Pete's network of mates who're all clued in when it comes to this sort of thing. Hubby and his best mate have actually designed the whole shed from scratch and have produced all of the scaled drawings and done all of the work themselves. This shed will still be standing 50 years from now and will outlive the house, so I don't begrudge the food and liquid refreshments that we've provided.

The MM's have been on the go since 4.30 am this morning and concrete arrived just after 6. All wheel barrowed in by 8.30 and now just the finishing work and of course the beer drinking to occur. I fed them a massive breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages, mushies and tomatoes with the aim being to provide a lining for the beer still to come. I have the next course of steak, sausages and chicken wings to come later this arvo. I was told earlier this week that my idea of chicken and salad was girly food and that they wanted real food on the BBQ.

I will be so happy when hubby's shed is all done and finished, it has been a project four months in the making. The yard and back verandah still looks like a bomb has hit it with 'boys toys' everywhere, so I'll be glad when all of it can be put back in the shed and I can reclaim the back yard.

Writing has been on full forward for the last few days and I've reached 17,941 words, so I'm roughly a quarter of the way there. I'm on a real roll at the moment and want to take advantage of it while I can before reality returns on Monday with going back to work.

Well it's nearly 3pm and I've been told it's time for the second course of food, youngest MM is firing up the BBQ so I'd better go and assist. At the rate they're going, I think hubby will probably be asleep on the lounge by 6pm.

Cheers for now

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