Tuesday, January 18, 2011


People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.

Don't you hate when you spot your dream job advertised and you're not in a position to apply? I was trawling through the job listings on the internet tonight - always on the look out for my son and saw my dream job advertised. A job which involves travel all over Australia with a focus on communications and event planning.

Alas, I have committed to the project which I am working on currently and even though the project is not meant to get started until June, I just couldn't bring myself to leave. My current boss, who was my former boss at a subsidiary company rescued me from redundancy and I know that once this project gets approval, then the scope and possibilities of my job will be limitless.

I've nearly reached 10 years service and besides the fact that I would lose all my benefits and the professional standing I've built, it all comes down to principles. I'm not the sort of person who could walk away and leave them in the lurch when I've put in all the groundwork. Not that I believe that I am irreplaceable, but I have an excellent working relationship with my boss and value what he has done to get me where I am today.

Four years ago, I was working part time on the factory floor whilst finishing my uni studies. To turn my back on those that gave me my start just wouldn't sit right with me. So unfortunately my dream job will be just that, a dream. As the saying goes 'Better the devil you know, than the one you don't' - or something like that.

I almost forgot to mention, I got a phone call yesterday to let me know I've passed my Diploma of Management - yeah! Certificate is ready to pick up and is also another opportunity that my current company has provided me with. Just waiting on a response from my Project Management course and this is further proof that 2010 was a year of growth. These courses were the first I've participated in since I finished my uni course in 2007.

Now I have to give some consideration to what I want to study this year - I can't help myself, I'm one of those people who loves to study. If only I could get some of it to rub off on my MM's.

Well that's my news for now.

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