Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quiet day today

I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.~ Aldous Huxley ~

Have had a very slow day today, last guests didn't leave until 10 last night and then hubby played with his new shed??? Well he watered the concrete down anyway, so we didn't go to bed till almost 1. Was a huge day and consequently I am knackered today. I didn't wake up until 11.20 this morning which is absolutely unheard of for me and annoyed me immensely because half my day is gone and is not good when I have to get back into work sleeping patterns for tomorrow.

Did some washing and read my book then a few friends called around this afternoon for some nice relaxing drinks in the sun. Weather is beautiful at the moment so it was nice to just relax and chat.

Eldest MM and his fiance had some dramas yesterday, a baby on the way and financial problems are causing stress. (MM has an idiot boss who hasn't paid him since before Christmas - I have to resist the urge to find the jerk and throttle him) She ended up in the hospital with cramps bought on by stress but thankfully everything is okay and after an ultrasound they've discovered she's actually 16 weeks. Baby is healthy and kicking and is a boy. One more MM to add to my troop of males.

Eldest MM's present job is contracting work and he's on different building sites every day, so he can't turn up at a workplace and demand his money. His idiot boss is not answering his phone so my son is now on the look out for another job. This is the last thing they need to deal with at the moment and it makes me wild that there are so many disreputable employers out there that take advantage of young people.

He's now looking for something more reliable in terms of hours and pay, while it might have been all right before, now that he has a baby on the way and a fiance to support he needs something regular. I just wish I could do more to help them out and while finding his idiot boss and throttling him probably wouldn't help, it would definitely make me feel better.

I should be contacting the local ombudsman about illegal employment activities because it turns out that the boss does this sort of thing regularly which explains the regular turnover of employees he has. Son doesn't want me to get involved though and says he needs to deal with it.

We've had to do this before, get involved that is, with a former landlord who shafted them as well. Tried to kick them out of their last place with a weeks notice. They were good tenants and never missed a rent payment. I contacted the Rental Tribunal to see what their rights were and it turns out that the landlord had to give 60 days notice if there were no grounds. Turns out that the landlord knew the rules all along, he was just trying to pull a swifty on them, he soon backed off though when hubby got involved.

Why do landlords and bosses think they can get away with this hideous behaviour? Are the people who act like this, the same people who were the bullies at school? Do they get some sort of thrill from trying to shaft young people who don't have the life skills to know when they are being treated unfairly?

I have an extremely strong sense of fair play and will fight for those that I believe have been treated unfairly, especially when it's my family or loved ones who are being hurt and heaven help those who get in my way. I will eventually sort this idiot boss out, but in my own time and when my son won't know about it. If the idiot boss was doing the right thing and my son was in the wrong well then that's life, but when the boss is breaking employment rules and flouting the system then beware.

Now I'll climb down off my soapbox and take a breath. Send positive thoughts that my son can easily find another job and that my future grandchild stays safe and well. I'm off to do some more writing and to get myself into return-to-work thinking mode for tomorrow.

Cheers, Fi

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