Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rest Time

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.Henry David Thoreau

This has been my most blissful week in probably 12 months. Three days of training at work and then two days of annual leave (Managers of the project I am going to be working on were at a conference this week)

Went up to Mannum (hour and a half drive away and right on the banks of the Murray River) Hubby, the boys and I, for three days with two other couples and their kids. A friend was celebrating her 30th birthday - boy does that make me feel really old and also very glad that my children are now old enough that they're basically self sufficient. You really forget what it is like to have babies and toddlers around. It was fun though because both of my boys are absolutely awesome with little kids, for all of their tough talk and macho ways, babies and little kids bring out the real them.

I did absolutely nothing, rested, relaxed and read my book. It's hard work not doing anything. I'm so used to going a hundred miles an hour at work and then weekends are a blur of activity and trying to fit everything in.

I thought about taking my computer and getting in some quality writing time, but decided that I was simply going to kick back and relax. It was difficult because I was in such a mellow mood, I was really in the mood to write.

The weather was a bit miserable. but what can you expect in the middle of winter. It was cold but only rained a bit yesterday morning - the weather was very conducive to sitting around a fire bucket and chatting with friends. Then snuggling up in a nice warm and cosy cabin at night. Ahh, it's a hard life but someone has to do it.

First actual day of my new job tomorrow, I'll be in the office - no more training, so I am a little apprehensive but looking forward to the challenges that are coming.

Wish me luck

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