Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement - Brian Tracy

I'm running late tonight, should be going to bed and getting as much beauty sleep as I possibly can. I needed to write first though, it's essential to keeping my brain cells alive at the moment.

My new job has just as many challenges as my old one - only the challenges are polar opposites. The old job was 100 miles an hour, juggling everyone and everything and never having enough hours in the day to do everything that needed to be done. The new job, I'm creating things to do, just to keep my self busy, it seems almost criminal that I am getting paid to do what I am doing at the moment.

Realistically my boss has been interstate for the first two days that I have been in the office. I had completed everything on the list of things he wanted done before lunchtime today. This afternoon I sat there and completed my project proposal for my Business Management course. Yes its still work related and perfectly acceptable to be doing it at work, but I was fighting feelings of guilt whilst doing it.

I've been told that project work starts of slow in the early stages but the hours and workload pick up speed quickly, so I guess I should be relishing the stress free atmosphere at the moment. Its hard and is doing my head in with not constantly being on the go. I guess I've forgotten how to relax and kick back and enjoy life.

Loving the name for my former boss, the girls have started calling her Lara Bingle, as in 'where the bloody hell are you' ad that was on TV years ago advertising Australia in the UK. She hasn't been at work for over 2 weeks now, sick again. I believe she has had almost 100 sick days in less than the year since she started. I know people get genuinely sick, but her behaviour is totally ridiculous, unprofessional and certainly not an acceptable level of commitment from a senior level HR Manager.

Makes me appreciate the blissful life that I am now leading and I am greatful to be out of the place. Miss the people though, that's the hardest part

Cheers for now,

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