Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good or Bad?

If you don't have a plan, you won't have a life - African saying

I read a post on Lori's blog and it basically reiterated everything that I feel about blogging. Way to go Lori - it's the first blog I've ever felt inspired to comment on (and I have read alot of them). I have done a huge amount of trawling through blogs especially over the last month, to get a feel for what worked for me and what I didn't like and consequently what I wanted to avoid on my blog.

I know blogs are quite personal in their nature and people can write whatever they like - but if you want people to gain value from what you write then as Lori commented you've got to be honest and open. Make it easy to read. I don't want you to lie to me, I also don't want every second word to be a link to another website - I'm there to read you.

Don't promise me that you're going to write regularly and then not write for six months and then that entry is an apology for not writing. If you're not going to write regularly, thats fine, but don't continually say you will and then apologise for not doing it.

It must be the voyeur in me but I love reading about how people deal with day-to-day life, be it writing, working, families, self-improvement. I really don't want to read about people whining about their dismal lives and everyone / thing being against them. Mind you, I will be interested if life has handed you some challenges and you're sharing ways you've found to get through the tough times.

My pet hates in other blogs, which will turn me away every time - massive amounts of advertising, so much so that there are only a few paragraphs to read. Plus a blog which requires me to sign up or link to another website before I get any information. Blech - simply not interested!

Do you agree?


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