Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boss from hell!

The greatest inspiration is often born of desperation. Comer Cotrell

It finally happened, the boss from hell resigned today (former boss anyway) It's only now that a fellow colleague and I are no longer there, that they realise that it was in fact us that did all of the work and not the 'boss' who was a professional at subterfuge and manipulation.

Strangely enough, I owe her the hugest debt. Were it not for her and her misguided ways then I would not have been made redundant and would not be in my new job which I am loving. Is it petty of me to now feel some measure of satisfaction that they're struggling without us there. Probably not, and lets face it, she caused me 10 months of absolutely torture, to the extent that I was glad to finally leave.

Now that I have got that out of my system, my new job has at last picked up speed and I am firmly finding my feet. I am learning new things on a daily basis, I have plenty of things to now keep me busy and once again I feel like I am making a worthwhile contribution and am earning the money they pay me. I'm back to enjoying what I do and like going to work.

Oldest MM seems to have also got his act together and has finally got himself a housemate to share the financial burden, another weight off my mind. Middle MM is still causing a small amount of unrest - how do you deal with a 15 year old who simply does not want to be at school. His social life is the be all and end all, to the detriment of everything important, including school and his family.

Youngest MM is a dream as always; he cooks, cleans, does exceptionally well at school, does his homework and has a healthy social life without it being all-consuming. He's 13 and I'm waiting for the terrible 14's to hit (this is the age that both older MM's suddenly turned into monsters)

So at this very moment I'm experiencing a small measure of bliss, work is good, children are as good as can be expected and hubby, well he's probably in the same category as the kids. He has his moments, but with me finishing work later, I think he is coming to the realisation of just how much I actually do around the house and is pulling his weight a bit more.

They've got the Ben Cousins drug special on TV, probably should make my MM's sit down and watch just what drugs can do to a person and how it can mess up lives. Kids these days seem to think they're invincible, no different to when I was a teenager, it just seems that things these days are more full on. Things that are bigger and scarier then when I was a kid.

Feeling my age at the moment and realising a better appreciation of what I put my own parents through.

Cheers for now, Fi

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