Monday, February 11, 2013

I don't procrastinate, I just hesitate...

I get frustrated by people who say one thing and then do another, who tell you they plan to take action and then they don't. Yet, I'm just as guilty as the people who frustrate me because shock horror, I'm also guilty of procrastinating.

But now someone is on to me, she sent me an email the other day 
Hey Fiona,  
One of my clients was in a dilemma. She could procrastinate for a few more months about something that was important to her, or take action. But she was nervous.
What would you do if you were her?

She said: ‘You just come to the point when putting it off is more painful than the fear of actually doing it. You have to act, and you can’t put it off any longer, or it just eats at you because you know you have let yourself down and let the fear defeat you.’
It doesn't matter that she sent me an email because I'm debating over which course I want to take and I haven't had a chance to decide which one suits me best (note the familiar excuse) The fact is I took offence at her words and then realised that at the same time she was spot on.

I do procrastinate, I want everything to be totally perfect, so I wait for the right time. That is why it took me 18 months from finishing my book to publishing it - I was waiting for the perfect time. There is no perfect time, eventually my mum was the one who gave me the kick in the pants and said just do it in regards to publishing my book.

The funny thing (and not the ha-ha kind of funny) is that I don't lack for goals and I don't have problems achieving them. I've accomplished many goals that I've set, but those ones which are close to my heart - like my writing and planning my next career moves. Those are the ones I procrastinate over, just in case I make the wrong move.

Or maybe it's because the sky is not quite blue enough today, or work is too busy, maybe I need to edit my writing just a little bit more, perhaps I have a busy few weeks ahead so its better to wait.

I know that no day is a perfect time to start, I know the reality is that starting is the first step towards achieving, yet despite that absolute reality, I still hesitate.

So maybe I don't procrastinate, I just hesitate.

What works for you to limit the hesitating, or do you just charge in and do it regardless.


  1. I freeze. I simply freeze: whether it's the fear of failure or the fear of success, I don't know. You're right though: just begin.

  2. I feel so much better when things are done and behind me. The only thing I consistently procrastinate about is phone calls. I hate making calls. But how important is that, right? HaHa, Doctor visits, school meetings, clients, no biggie ; )

  3. EVERY.SINGLE.THING. one does is often a leap of faith. Unless you have a crystal ball, the choice that you make "could be" the wrong one but you can't let that hold you back. Sometimes you just have to dive in, sink or swim. I did "hesitate" at times about making my dive into a new company not wanting to go out of the fire into the frying pan but again...there came a point where I just had to buck up, do it and somehow make it I did. As long as it isnt rash emotional decision, you have thought long and hard about it, planned for it, written about it, make it happen. And if you wait until everything is just perfect, just so, it will never happen. Life isnt perfect. There are always going to be hurdles to jump. No move forward to a better you, a better life doing what YOU WANT to do, will ever be wrong. "Visualize" and make it happen. No time is better than the present. I did it, now it is your turn. You can do it! (And I wish I had done it sooner). Have you recvd your package yet?


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