Sunday, February 24, 2013

Life balance...what's that?

Sunny, humid days are the norm at the moment, yet in little old Adelaide the high humidity is not so normal. Why is it that hot sunny days and humidity are so much more bearable when you're on holidays?

Maybe it has something to do with the pools and beaches and relaxing which are usually a part of my holidays. Humid weather activities are not cooking and cleaning and shopping. How many times have I said if we didn't have to eat then I would have more time and heaps more money.

Plus if we didn't have to eat, then weight problems wouldn't exist.

At the moment I'm trying to get more balance in my life, after all there's more to life than just work and cooking and cleaning. The concept of life balance is almost an oxymoron (gees I love that word) much like 'living dead' is a contradiction of terms, so too is 'life balance'.

I'm not saying you can't get balance, you can, but some days it's more of battle than others.

So in my bid for greater balance, I enrolled for a computer course, I'm trialling lots of new recipes (if I have to cook it might as well be interesting) and I'm also not whining quite so much when hubby wants to go out somewhere (I'm really not a social butterfly in my old age) yet I married one, so I have to grin and bear it some days. Quality time together after all.

I'm also doing more reading and writing about self improvement and business planning, and not so much blogging and commenting, nor am I wandering aimlessly around the internet as much. Ten years ago I'm not really sure how I managed to work, study, play baseball and chauffeur 3 children to school and almost constant sporting activities.  

Friends comment that our kids are now at a good age because they're self sufficient and pretty well look after themselves. Mum is still good for money and food, but sports and school / work they can now get themselves there. So why do I seem to have even less time to do what I want?

As the years pass, do we do things slower, linger over things longer or does time just speed up the older we get? I'm not sure, but once upon a time I seemed to have all the time in the world to do everything I want and now I feel like there's just not enough minutes in my days to get it all done.

How are you achieving better life balance, or are you struggling like I do some days? If I could find the solution to this question I could give up work tomorrow.

Hope you have a great 'balanced' week,


  1. Ah, balance. The elusive concept I've been chasing this year. I'm not sure there is truly balance in life. At any one time something is going to take more time and energy than the other parts of our life, and we have to focus on that. Over time, the emphasis shifts and we get to have an unbalance in a different part of our lives. That's what I've come up with, anyway. Only two more weeks of school being totally overbearing, then I get to relax TOO much for Spring Break! LOL

  2. I need balance!!! I think once my kids are in school next fall, then I will be more on top of everything. Until then I struggle with finding the time to fit everything in!

    How are you, Fiona? I hope you are doing well!

    Jen :)

  3. Ha! Life balance. That is an oxymoron. I just had a post not too long ago about the same thing and showed a cartoon with the mom on computer and phone as she is sitting at the other end of a teeter totter. It is a struggle EVERYDAY. To find that balance. Work, family, me time, it is hard. Lately I have really been trying to incorporate some cooking at dinnertime with the kids helping. And of course eat together as much as possible. And with my new job AT LEAST I am really able to leave my work at the office, something I wasn't able to do much at my old job. So that is a blessing. A work in progress. I think we all are. And we just have to do the best we can, afterall we are not SUPERWOMAN.


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