Sunday, February 17, 2013

Taking time to smell the roses

Every now and again you have one of those sensational kind of weekends where everything goes well, plenty of time for relaxing and lots achieved without being stressed doing it. This weekend was one of those weekends. I needed one after the busy, busy week we've had.

I had my grandson Friday night, haven't had him for awhile so that was a nice treat, he's just a giggly, happy and mischievous little boy. People adore him everywhere you take him.

He laughed and played happily from the minute I picked him up until the minute I put him to bed and then as always he just laid down and went to sleep, no grizzles, no complaint. Our little man is not a baby any more, he's all grown up at 19 months old.

I did the boring and mundane things like house work and washing but when it's 37c outside then being inside in air-conditioned comfort and doing housework is not a big thing. Then hubby and I took a long walk on the beach on Saturday night with our dog and then stopped for an ice cream on the way home, what a lovely finish to the day.

Hubby is finishing up his second week of holidays (3 to go) and look at what he's been doing to keep busy - building a wood fire pizza oven. He put the final bricks in today. He now just has to wait for the top to dry, put the fire proofing on and then render the whole thing. Then he has to organise a door for it and followed by the firing process to set everything. Believe it or not, this thing weighs around a tonne.

He's pretty talented my hubby
When it's finished everything we eat for the next month will be cooked in this wood fire oven till he gets the hang of cooking in it. It was the same when he built the outdoor spit and we ate roasts for ever and a day as he practiced. Pizza and bread - mmm time to get back on the treadmill perhaps.

Today with all my house clean and it being too hot to do much else, I sat and read and wrote and started to get some structure around some business plans I have. A few nice cold drinks at the pub this afternoon with a live band and then home to an awesome Asian salad that I'd been planning to make.

Don't you love when something new comes together so well and everyone raves about it, I do. This was my version of a meal that I often have at a Vietnamese restaurant that myself and co-workers go to near work for our 'special' Friday get-out-of-the-office lunches.

Truth be know I'm not much of an adventurous cook, hubby is the one who loves to cook and experiment and I love to let him do it. But this was a nice meal and I was happy with the results.

Now it's 8pm on a Sunday night, both the boys have had big weekends so are already in bed. Hubby's snoozing on the lounge and the dog is basking in her delight at being able to lie on her mattress under the air-conditioning. This dog has a pretty good life.

Let's face it, I have a pretty good life and the good moments make up for the normal shitty little moments we all have to go through.

Now I guess that with everything done I'll just have to relax under the air-conditioning and read my book. Have a good week everyone.


  1. It sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your week ahead!

    1. I did and thanks - you too, sounds like you need it.

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend all in all! I love that kind, it makes Mondays so much easier to face.

    1. I agree Josie, although cutting out Monday totally and just keeping the weekend going would be good too

  3. I am so jealous of your weekend and of that oven! That is so awesome! Wood fired pizza , bread, delish. Wow! Baby boy is already 19 months. Man that went quick. Send some heat our way. It is back to being cold here.

  4. That is Amazing Good Fortune to find a man who can build a pizza oven!
    Lucky Lady : )


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