Friday, January 3, 2014

Life is like coffee, so what does your cup look like?

I'm back online today after several days of rest and relaxation in the Riverland with family and friends. Awesome time away, I just wished they all lived closer.

I have so much to do to get started for the New Year but was reading through my emails which have built up over the last week and came across something which I wanted to share.

You really need to watch this because it's so true and should be understood by all of us

My word for 2013 was visualise and I really think I did that last year, I visualised the changes I wanted to make in my life and I set about making them happen. My word for 2014 didn't need a lot of thought, I know in my heart what it needs to be.


This year is about making the most of the things I visualised for my life and achieving some more of my goals.
1. I start my MBA at the end of March, my application is in and accepted, my timetable is in place. Egads!

2. Our Phuket trip is booked and paid for - can't wait! I have a dream of one day traveling and writing my way around the world, of living a more simple life. Phuket has always been on the list of possible places to live on a hillside for a while, so this is research as well.

3. Tattoo design is finally decided on and booked in for later this afternoon. I'll post a picture once its done. I've dithered for several years over what I wanted, so now it's time to just do it!

4. Next novel is in progress and some firm ideas are forming for where this one needs to go. Plus I dreamt another idea last night which I have to put some framework around and get my ideas down on paper.

5. Exercise and weight loss plan is underway to get me in trim, taut and terrific shape for Phuket. I've been carrying a few extra kilos for far too long and it's time to get serious about getting fitter and more active.
So while my goals require money to make some of them possible, they also require determination and staying power. I don't need the fancy house and all the trappings. I just want to be healthy and happy and achieving great things, and for my family to have the same things.

These are not purely my New Years resolutions, but my goals through which I endeavour to savour the coffee and not worry so much about what I'm drinking it from. 

What's on your agenda for 2014?

Cheers, Fi

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