Thursday, January 9, 2014

Learn from others experiences..or not

Sometimes you can learn from others experiences and sometimes you still have to do it yourself to really get it. 

Last Friday I got two tattoos, I've been talking about getting another one forever. The new ones, a tiny one on my wrist which is immensely meaningful for me and then another on my ankle. The one on my wrist was just a small blip on the pain radar, the ankle on the other hand...holy cow.

I couldn't ask any of my friends about their experiences though, because no-one I know has an ankle tattoo. Now, there could be something in that fact, because a week later it still hurts like crap.

The lady at the tattoo shop mentioned that it would be much like having a sprained ankle in that it would swell up, so to take anti inflammatory tablets if it bothered me.

I figured she must have thought I looked like a wuss with my little stars and ribbons tattoo, this advice after all was coming from someone who resembled a painting with all of her tattoos.

Swell up she said, pffttt - I now have a cankle on my right leg, you know the one, when there is no difference between the size of your calf and your ankle - a cankle. Actually it's not just a cankle, it's a podgy little foot as well.

Look at the two photos - day 1 and day 6

I also didn't consider that wearing high heels (which I do every day) was also going to be impossible. I roll out of bed in the mornings and I can't walk for at least ten minutes.
Okay, okay so no sympathy - I get that, I'm not asking
for any. I just needed to whinge and share my experience so none of you go and get an ankle tattoo.

That'll teach me, and truth be known I probably wouldn't have listened to anyone and would have just done it anyway. I think you could call that stubborn, or maybe determined, or perhaps just plain stupid.

We have a week coming up of in excess of 39 degree celcius days, why is there no gradual slide into summer, its just bang and it's here - albeit about a month late. Good thong wearing weather although, thongs aren't the best for the office.

Hubby goes back to work on Monday after 5 weeks of holidays. I won't know myself, I'll have to cook and do housework again. Mind you not having a house full of people (or a shed full of people as the case usually is) every night might also be nice.

I've enrolled for a travel writing seminar next weekend through the Adelaide Writers Centre which should be interesting. That's my dream career after all and high on my goal list.

Oh and one more photo because this is my favourite tattoo on my wrist, this is my constant reminder every time I start to doubt my dreams and goals or my ability to achieve something.

Actually it's my reminder every morning when I wake up and roll out of bed and it's the last thing I see before I go to bed at night.

Hope you're all doing amazing things and for a couple of my friends who have had a bit of a rough start to 2014, pick yourselves and keep on keeping on. You are all loved and everyone wants good things for you. You just have to believe that it will get better, no matter how unlikely that may seem.

Cheers, Fi


  1. Wow, if I ever thought I might get an ankle tattoo, my mind has been changed.

    1. Agree Kate with some knowledge I might have reconsidered

  2. I have a tattoo on my ankle. I should have warned is because it is on the bone. Tattoos on the soft tissue areas not as painful. I love both of your tattoos. I want to get another one as well on my wrist. I have been mulling around ideas for the past couple years but havent gone for it. Maybe 2014 will be the year. Hope you are surviving the weather. It has been cold and wet here in the Pac NW, send us some vitamin D. Glad your 2014 is starting off well.

    1. So what's the one on the ankle? Surviving yes, although ask me that at the end of next week with 5 days coming up of over 40 degrees celcius. Happy to send some your way though

  3. It is a dainty little iris flower w/greenery....yeah, I know such a rebel.


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