Saturday, January 18, 2014

6WS- When a photo says so much

As always when I go to a writers group meeting or a writers workshop I come away brimming with ideas and wanting to write for hours. Today's travel writing workshop was interesting and informative.

It combined nicely with the magazine writing course I did on my 9 week self imposed unemployment stint last year.

Now I have to plan my time to ensure I can fit a full time job, my family, studying for an MBA plus all the different kinds of writing I want to try my hand at or do more of. Oh and of course I have to travel as well - Phuket first and then the world.

Lets face it, the reality of today's workshop provided proof that I won't get filthy rich writing travel articles but then that's not the aim. I have two and a half years left of my current work contract and all of this is part of the plan for what comes next.

Completing my MBA in that time, starting to write some travel articles (which shock horror might actually require some travel - yes honey it's necessary, how can I write about the places if I don't visit them) plus getting my next novel underway are all part of the bigger picture.

One thing which I got from today was the importance of photos with travel articles. Not exactly something I've had to consider before, so probably need to start being more alert to the visual as well as the words to describe.

I've seen two spectacular photos on Facebook in the last 24 hours. One is of the lightning over Adelaide last night. I have never, ever seen lightning or heard thunder like we experienced last night. I love storms but last night it sounded like the world was splitting in half. Not sure if I can share a photo which someone else posted on Facebook.

Here this might work....a link to the Arkaba photos Facebook page - woohoo I believe that will work. I'm sure you'll tell me if it doesn't.

The other one was a photo of the bush fires across the river near Renmark last night, this one was taken by my brother and if he takes issue with me sharing his photo - tough. Love ya little bro'.

Beautiful photo but very scary situation happening in several areas in South Australia where tragically homes are being lost and vast areas of scrub land are burning. Fires which are a tragic consequence of five days of temperatures above 42.

We broke the record this week for the number of consecutive days above a certain temperature in Adelaide since records began being kept, yet I'm sure there are more fun records we could have been breaking.

Kind of scary when you hear family members are receiving text messages from the Country Fire Service telling them to be alert and to be prepared to evacuate. The fire in Renmark is not yet under control but my last information is that it's burning back on itself and family are safe.

The irony is not lost on me that the novel I pulled off my computer several weeks ago that I wanted to get back into actually starts with a bushfire. My first novel was about floods and was after the fact of the high river levels and flooding in Renmark. This one was started before the fact of the bush fires and is not set in Renmark, but the subject matter is a little too close to the mark.

So now buzzing with creative energy and brimful of ideas I'm off to write some more.

Cheers, Fi

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  1. We had a writer's club on the last cruise. It too was very inspiring. Haven't written anything since.

  2. Your weather's been scarey! I've been watching the tennis so know that it's finally cooled off again.
    The photos, and the writing, I can do (I think) but making money is a whole different ballgame. Good luck to you, Fi. Phuket sounds like a good start.

  3. Photos has a lot of meaning. You cannot take a good quality photo if you don't have an inspiration.
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  4. I've been thinking about you as I follow the fires on the news. Your brother's photo is spectacular.

  5. Keep writing! Beautiful photo but shows how scary powerful fire is too.


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