Monday, January 27, 2014

Head in the clouds

Wasting time frustrates me and not knowing how to do something instinctively has much the same affect. I like to divide and conquer. That said - Skydrive is doing my head in and making me want to scream.

I'm trying to move into the 21st century, okay I'm already there but I'm trying to synchronise all of my electronic equipment and foolproof it, or me, as the case may be.

When I wrote my first novel I backed it all up on my computer, to my portable hard drive and onto a USB as well. I was paranoid but had also learnt hard lessons about losing valuable words.

So now I'm moving with the times and have my Ipad and my laptop and I want to be able to write at work in my lunchbreak (on my work computer), on the move when I'm out and about (on my Ipad) and also when we go overseas (however that may be - probably Ipad).

Therefore I figured lets get smart and stop fearing the cloud and work out how it all syncs and works. Plus the travel writing workshop last weekend extolled the virtues of Skydrive. Much like Dropbox which I know and understand, however Skydrive is supposedly somewhat better because it directly links to my Microsoft products (namely Word) and is super easy to back up - so I hear.

As smart as I can be, some of this stuff can be downright confusing, as is finding the best app on my Ipad to be able to write in these documents. My friend Google is also somewhat letting me down, because everyone has a different opinion and a way of doing things.

Arggghhh!!! I think I just need to go to bed and sleep on it and perhaps it will all be crystal clear tomorrow and I won't be so confused by all of it.

I have crazy plans to get back to daily blog posts as well because I know that's when my writing really starts moving. So we'll see how we go with that, they'll probably be shorter posts - the bonus being less trivial drivel for any of the few of you who may still drop in here occasionally. I have been a tad (a lot) slack on the blogging and commenting front of late.

After a week of normal temperatures last week, we're gearing up for another hideous week of about 35 degree days for the coming week. What is it about hot weather that just saps the energy out of you and makes you feel like lying around and doing nothing?

It's 10.34, time for me to moving in the direction of my bed. Have a good week everyone and stay cool if you live anywhere near me.

Cheers, Fi


  1. Hello Fi!!
    First, just to point out that SkyDrive is now OneDrive.
    Have you tried tutorials directly from Microsoft?

    Don't get lost in the clouds!!

    1. Hello there Ticklebear, it's been a while. I did notice on the Skydrive site that they mentioned they would be re-branding to Onedrive (who knows why) but I didn't think it had happened yet. I hadn't thought to try the tutorials so thanks for the thought.

      Hope everything is okay on your side of the world

    2. A legal dispute which Microsoft lost... so they had to change the name.

  2. “I was paranoid but had also learnt hard lessons about losing valuable words.” – This is true! Nowadays, having a backup system becomes a necessity, especially for writers. It’s not because you’re paranoid, but it’s just an assurance that your hard work will not go to waste. It’s really an advantage to use the available technology out there to ensure that your work is protected.


    1. I'm quite amazed Jim what technology can do these days, totally agree with your words


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