Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 is coming, ready or not...

Renmark here we come - hubby and I are off to the Riverland to visit my family tomorrow - and I can't wait. Sunshine, warm weather, the river, a boat and my family - all of my favourite things in one place.

I love summer holidays of sleeping late and reading and writing. Warm days and long balmy nights when you can stay outside and enjoy the evenings. Alas, back to work Monday week, so a week left of doing as I please.

I'm sure I was born not to work and just stay home and write the great Australian novel. Yes, I guess it might wear thin after a while, but I would be quite willing to give it a go.

I pulled my latest novel out from the deep, dark depths of my computer today and damn if it ain't half good. No bias from me at all. Only 6 pages in, but I like it a lot, so some more writing to be done before the craziness of 2014 begins.

We have just over 48 hours left of 2013, hasn't this year just flown by? I think it does when you get older, speed up that is.

This will be my last blog post before the new year, I'm leaving the laptop and ipad where they belong and will be offline for the next few days - barring my iphone. I'm even taking pen and paper to write the great Australian novel, nothing like going back to where I began, scratching words in a notebook.

I read somewhere today that the first day of 2014 will be a new moon, which apparently is quite rare, with the last one being 19 years ago. New moons are apparently an energetically dynamic time to set intentions for the coming month and/or year. They're also a time for new beginnings and change.

To quote "This Moon is really quite hopeful for those of you feeling trapped/exhausted by the current tensions; change is on the horizon. If you believe in making resolutions, you won’t get a better opportunity than this."

I wasn't waiting for 2014, I set my goals the beginning of this week and have started already. I've never been good with waiting for that one special day of the year to set resolutions. But I will 'wish upon a star, or as the case may be, on a new moon' on New Years Day to strengthen my resolve for the coming year.

Much to be achieved in the new year for me.

I found this "Nine requisites for a contented life" in my files (see below), it's something I must have saved when I found it. Given my love of Goethe (the quote on my blog header is his) and the time of year, I thought it was an extremely fitting addition for this post.

I am content and I am very thankful for everything I have. My life may not be roses and sunshine every day, I still experience the shitty moments and the disappointments of life, but that just makes me appreciate the good bits all the more.

That's all my words for 2013, Hope you all have a sensational New Years Eve and stay safe.

Cheers, Fi


  1. I love how excited you are about your writing. When I happen to hit on those words that make me say, "I can write," it is always amazing- almost magical. Keep loving it!

  2. I wish you the very best with your achievements!


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