Sunday, June 2, 2013

Crazy days, crazy weeks.

Not enough hours in any day to do everything I want and need to do. That means making choices of what's most important.

These last few weeks, family and friends have won out. Writing, reading, blogging and visiting my friends in the blogosphere have all lost out. Its hard at any one time to make time for everything.

I miss my writing the most, I'm still writing in my journal almost daily but no fiction, no non-fiction and very little blogging. My creative juices are feeling unloved and unappreciated.

Despite my lack of normal relaxation processes, I do feel somewhat relaxed and rejuvenated. Hubby and I had a night away last night, out for tea and then an executive spa room at a local hotel. Much needed and greatly appreciated.

Hubby is away next weekend for the long weekend - boys working weekend away, doing the concreting at a friends holiday home which is under construction. Also an excuse to drink copious amounts of alcohol because somehow that eases the aches and pains of a hard days labour.

The invitation is there for me to go, but I'm thinking it's an awesome peaceful weekend for me and my writing. Concrete and beer in cold, wet weather aren't that exciting, I'll wait for the celebration party of the finished product. Which hopefully will happen in warmer weather.

It's rained almost non stop for two days, last night the weather people were saying we've had 80mm of rain across the city. Today is the second day of winter and it's cold and very wet. I'm about done with winter already.

Tomorrow is week 3 of property management for me, it's getting a little easier, or maybe just not as daunting and scary. Every day I come home feeling like I've run a marathon, hence why I'm not even writing at night - just too exhausted.

A number of you are going into school holidays and summer weather - how I envy you all. Hope everyone is finding time to relax where ever they are.

Cheers, Fi


  1. Oh, I would SO be taking advantage of that weekend to stay home and write! Yesterday Daniel wanted to take Amber fishing while Andrea was at a friend's house. He was worried about "ditching" me, and didn't want me to feel excluded. I wanted to push him out the door and bolt all the entrances so he couldn't get back in. Go already! I love that quiet time by myself and REALLY needed it yesterday. I got a lot done. I hope it stops raining in your neck of the woods soon. Send it my way!

    1. I cherish my 'quiet' time - my boys are social people and they so don't get me needing alone time. I'm glad you had some quiet time of your own. I'd be glad to send you some of our rain - I'll work on it :-)

  2. It's a tough call somedays...real life and real people vs our dreams.

    And I get the quiet space: I really enjoy my Monday's home alone to chill and just be...but Queen's Birthday this weekend for us and the crowds are here. Love them all dearly and...

  3. No envy please dear. I'll be sweating my arse off in 98 degrees before I know it. Hope you are enjoying your quiet time. I could use that too! But I'm stealing time from packing for a business trip I have to leave for in two hours to visit blogs. Priorities you know ; )

  4. I can so relate to the crazy days and not enough hours in the day....Glad things are getting better at work and nice for you guys to get away. It has been pretty warm here for the past week or so but yesterday started raining again...ughhh. Suppose to be nice this weekend which I guess is all I really care about since I am stuck in the cube farm during the day anyways.


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