Thursday, March 7, 2013

The time is now...

Some days I feel like the same day is happening over and over again - you know that feeling don't you? Same shit, just a different day. 

I roll out of bed in the morning at the same time every day (give or take a few minutes) and wish that I could snuggle back down and sleep for another hour or two. I have my shower, make lunches for the day, eat my breakfast, dry my hair, makeup on and I’m out the door within an hour. 

On a good day it takes me fifty minutes in peak hour traffic to get to work, other days and the traffic can be a right royal pain in the butt. Let’s be honest, that length of time in a car surrounded by hundreds of impatient people is never fun. Luckily I allow plenty of time for driving, but additional time spent in traffic jams infringes on my morning writing time. 

Routine can be a killer and yet at the same time it can help keep us balanced and moving forward. I guess the key here is not running on the same path day in and day out, we need routine with enough variation so that we’re not digging ourselves a rut.

My rut is starting to get edges to it, in other words it’s getting bigger. This is a common phenomenon which occurs every now and again. When this happens I have to climb out of my rut and dust myself off, then forge a slightly altered path.

I definitely need some variety or change. A bit of a shakeup and a nice change if that’s at all possible. I’ve had the years of drama and mayhem with my boys, so I’m over the bad change, and the drama filled moments - can I put in a request for nice changes to my routine. 

If anyone has a direct line to the universe, can you tell them I’m ready and waiting and that I’m a bit over the boredom and monotony. I’ve lost sight of the fun things that keep me buzzing along. In actual fact I think I’m way overdue for a holiday. 

The truth is we all need things to look forward to, so what are you looking forward to at the moment?

Cheers, Fi

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