Monday, March 25, 2013

The other side is in sight

How do you gauge whether life is busy or not, besides the obvious signs like not having a social life online or offline and feeling like you're running to keep up with life. Side note: my newly purchased pedometer still tells me I'm not running enough steps.

You know without a doubt that you're busy when you go without coffee most of the day, you don't read any blog posts or comment for days on end and your chiropractor bemoans the fact that your back 'is so bad' because you're last fortnightly visit was more than 40 days ago.

I wasn't even going to turn my computer on tonight, brain overload and all but then mother-in-law needed an address and phone number for a restaurant that's not listed in the phone book. So then computer was on and my blog has been moaning from lack of love lately, so here I am.

Our project goes 'live' on Tuesday next week, after almost 2 years of planning I never thought this day would come. At one stage I never thought we would even get approval, let alone get to this stage. Thursday will still be 'pull the plug stage' if everyone isn't happy with where we're at. In fact right into the weekend will still be go or no go decisions.

I was planning on going to Renmark to see my family for Easter but after the day I've had today and a reminder that we'll be celebrating my father-in-law's 70th birthday this weekend, I figured I might just stay home and have 4 days of unadulterated blissful nothingness.  Sounds almost sinful huh? Unfortunately, an almost 4 hour drive just doesn't appeal.

Luckily not being a computer programmer or a tech geek rules me out of having to work this weekend. Can you hear the genuine sadness and dismay in my voice, yeah probably not.

So before I run away tonight to rest my weary body, two things that have been on my radar and are worth sharing. I received a link in an email from a blog that I subscribe to the other day and it just said 'pay attention' because it struck such a chord with me.

The first paragraph starts "Most people see their day jobs as prisons to escape from; a ball and chain around your ankle you dream to one day break free from" - go on you know you want to read it - here's the link

My other share, well if you haven't seen this website yet then you should. Easiest website building platform in the world - and it's free. I'm building my own at the moment and can't say enough good things about the useability and functionality of this site. Intrigued aren't you - here's the link

I'm sure all of you smart people can add my two shares together and come up with an answer for what I'm working on in my spare minutes outside of work at the moment. My brain doesn't stop spinning with ideas, I just need to squeeze a few more minutes out of every day.

Have an awesome week - I don't expect to be back till the weekend when hopefully there's some lessening of the crazy days in my life. Nothing like tight timelines, multiple competing interests and seriously irritable people to make for a timebomb combination.

Seeya on the other side

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  1. Ohh my goodness, you are speaking my language. I havent been blogging much nor reading/commenting on blogs much the last couple weeks. With new job, I am still so drained at night my head is about to explode with all the new processes, procedures, etc....I wish I could say I see the light...I am so happy for you, I think. Hopefully everything goes right and everyone (at least majority of the people anyways) are happy. I think I would go on vacation after for a long long as hard as you have worked on it. You deserve it! Maybe at least a bonus is in order? Ok, wishful thinking right? Take care and have a Happy Restful Easter holiday.


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