Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Banging on my drum

There's nothing like a nice discussion with your bank of almost 20 years to put you in a happy frame of mind - ignorant morons. Frustrated by a joint phone call tonight with my middle son to the bank to help him organise a personal loan.

Explained to the customer service person that my son was new to this process and what information did he need in front of him to answer their questions. Got told by the 'charming' twit on the phone that they could only talk to my son, not me - yeah I get the privacy thing but some customer service skills would be nice.

Then because they couldn't identify my son over the phone they said they couldn't assist us. Nothing was explained to my son, just a rude abrupt jerk who refused to assist him or explain anything. This loan is purely to help him get a credit rating.

So then I asked to speak to the Manager, who in the end turned out to just be a co-worker, and got told that nothing more could be done over the phone tonight but I could help him apply over the internet. False advertising when they say it's only a 5 minute over the phone application - my bum.

I think it's about time to change banks and take everything to someone who appreciates our business.

As I write this, Hubby has got on his high horse and rang them back - the real Manager then did his homework and returned hubby's phone call. To say he redeemed his bank and his idiot staff would be an understatement. He spent 20 minutes talking me through the whole online process with comprehensive explanations about every loan product they have which would be best for my son's circumstances.

Loan application is finally submitted - son should get an answer in the next day or two and the bank keeps our business for another day.

I also get to bang on my drum about the importance of clear communication and how businesses need to provide their staff with sound customer service skills when they are required to talk to customers.

Besides, good things come in threes, even if I don't realise it at the time. Loan application sorted for middle son, eldest son got made full time at his job today and youngest son made me late for work this morning which kept me clear from a car roll over which happened on the route I take to work.

I've finally found my happy pants again this week, it's definitely time to throw out the misery guts pants.

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  1. Dealing with anything financial is so frustrating anymore! I'm glad your bank redeemed itself in the end. This world of "privacy" is making it harder and harder to work together on anything.

    When my husband and I first got our cell phones, he had set up the account. I called to make some changes and could not. Even though we were married, he was the account holder, so I could not do anything, though they WOULD take a payment from me! Grrrr.... He finally called and demanded that our account be changed to a joint one or we would choose a different carrier. It took three phone calls to make it happen.

    In another example, my husband applied for a credit card a couple of years ago. I called recently to make a payment, and the person from the bank verified that I was authorized to speak with him about the account. Then he said that he had to tell me that I am not legally liable for the account because I didn't sign off on it. I am "only" an authorized user. What? We are married!


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