Sunday, March 31, 2013

Regeneration and new growth

My house is clean, my body is well rested and my head is starting to feel clear again. I'm into the third day of the Easter weekend and I'm starting to feel normal again. After the week that was, I'm doing some long needed de-cluttering and plenty of reading and writing.

I know I've spoken of it before but boy do I need to move house. Before I got married I moved house a fair bit, even as a child we moved every few years with my dad's work. It's regenerating this moving business, why - because moving equals de-cluttering. You get so sick of carting all your junk from house to house that you get very good at traveling light.

I hoard so much junk, all of those little things that you tell yourself you might need, or could use - but in reality you never do or will. I discarded three (count that three) garbage bags full of clothes that I no longer wear. Things I've kept because they hold memories of other times, or because I may get slim again, or because I just love them and I might wear it again one day.

Pfwwt - all gone to Goodwill now. Nothing is safe.

Wardrobe yesterday, my bedroom today. Two more bags of 'rubbish'. It seems I have a penchant for bath soaps, bags and all things paper and stationary. I've lightened my hoard and discarded a heap of 'junk'. I should have had a garage sale because none of it is necessarily junk, but too late - it had to go while I was in the right mindset to let it go.

There's a belief that you must declutter and remove what is weighing you down to let new things into your life. I believe that wholeheartedly. As a teenager I moved my bedroom furniture and contents around constantly. When I moved out of home I used to do the same thing. To my way of thinking it clears out stale energy and gets rid of all the detritus which you don't really need.

My husband is not big on moving things around and decluttering, he's a hoarder - thankfully two of my three boys have the declutter and clear out gene also.

I'm ready for new things and good times and while I still have plenty of clutter to unload, I have at least begun the process.

My son's girlfriend said something the other day which made perfect sense of something which has been happening in my life. She likened the bad times to being like a bushfire, she says just like a bushfire which comes through and destroys everything, it has to happen to allow for the regeneration and new growth which follows a bushfire.

She's a clever girl that one.

This week the greatest piece of advice I can offer up is to let go of the clutter that weighs you down, oh and tell your loved ones that they mean the world to you. I hope you're all having a super relaxing Easter break.


  1. I keep saying that it should be a law that people have to move every five years. I only say it half jokingly. My husband and I have moved on an average of every three years since we've been together. I hope we don't actually move any time soon, but I should start cleaning with that mindset. I agree, we need to get rid of some things so we can let the new in. It's that way with thoughts, too.

  2. I agree Karen - I never really thought about this in terms of thoughts, but really we need to start with the thoughts before we move to the physical clutter.

    Hope you're doing okay :-)

    1. Thanks Fi. I'm doing okay. I just signed my contract at work for next, but there have been some changes with administration. Overall, though, I think it will be a great year. Other than that we are just plugging along. Daniel is working long hours, which is a huge adjustment for all of us, but it's going well.

  3. Gosh I must have been channelling you this week! Doing & feeling exactly the same. Thanks for the confirmations.

  4. Me too. For me, the next stop is my file cabinet. I think I may have instruction manuals on there for appliances I no longer own...

  5. On the same page...that quote just ran across it today. So true. Been posting alot on my FB about change.

  6. I'm guilty of hoarding terribly and it has been getting to me lately. Even when I clear there is always another stash waiting. However I have to admit, sadly, that I was happy to find my bag full of fat pants recently because they are getting a second chance : )

    That is a wise young woman-he must keep her!


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