Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hoping everything falls into place...

So I had my misery pants on in my last post, well more that I was feeling a little bit bored and unmotivated with life in general. So I'm putting plans in place to hopefully achieve a few things that I've been talking about for more than two years.

There's the problem of everything falling into place at the right time and people being amendable to these happenings, so I'll refrain from shouting it from the rooftops until I overcome those potential road blocks.

I'm a big believer that if it's meant to be, then it will be - yeah mum I listened to your words over the years. This isn't to say that I won't be might p'ed off if it doesn't all come together. After alI, I don't do patience or disappointment too well.

We're three weeks out from our expected 'Go Live' date on the project at work and we're rapidly running out of hours and patience. Everyone is getting tetchy - yes someone used that word the other day to describe people's moods and it seemed to fit. We're all a tetchy bunch at the moment.

This combined with lots of disruption and restructuring within our company at the same time and as you can imagine it's a pretty tense atmosphere to be working in.

It's a long weekend in Adelaide this weekend - yihoo, boy was I hanging out for it. Yesterday I shopped and cleaned - ugh. Today I washed my car, socialised with friends and washed the dog, so now I can sit down and write tonight and tomorrow and not feel guilty.

Hubby is back to work tomorrow, after 5 weeks holidays. No, he doesn't get public holidays off if he's rostered to work. After all, cars break down day and night, hot and cold weather, holidays or not.

It's not going to be a nice day to return to work though, today is our 9th consecutive day of over 30C temperatures, tomorrow and the next day are expected to be 38C. Summer 'supposedly'  finished 10 days ago. Perfect weather for sitting under the air-conditioner, not for working.

Well I hope you're either staying cool and comfortable, or warm and toasty depending on where you are. Keep your fingers crossed for me that everything falls into place and then I can come back and tell you all about it.


  1. If you wait for the *perfect* exactly the right time, whatever it may be, might not happen. And your mom, smart women, you already knew that....if it was meant to be it will be and it will come, might not be today, tomorrow, but it will all work out how it is it's own time....yes, patience, my dear. And possible disappointment, but that is all part of the bigger plan if in fact that is what happens. Which I doubt it will, because I know you probably have all your ducks in a row, they are waiting patiently, ready to march on when you give them the go. LOL. Sorry things are so chaotic at work right now...What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? Who ever said that anyways? Ha! Have a nice extended weekend Fi! Praying for you.

    1. Yes Jenn, my ducks are all in a row and I'm feeling more positive than I have in months - that comes with having firm and well thought out plans in place - finally. Also the realisation of what is possibly the 'bigger plan' for me.

      Unfortunately waiting for everything to fall into place is due to some things that are out of my control (ie people)

      Besides using very positive thinking to make them happen, I have to just sit back and wait. You are right - it will happen, it's more a case of when.

      Thanks for the good thoughts xx

  2. che sera sera darlin! Whether it's right where you think you want it or somewhere you never expected, it all falls in the right place eventually : )


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