Sunday, July 27, 2014

In the wash spin cycle

In May I signed up for the Global Corporate Challenge and ever since then I've been tracking my daily steps with an aim to reach 10,000 plus steps a day. Some days I soar past the requirement and some days I just can't get everything done and walk that number of steps too.

This morning my pedometer hit over 4000 steps before 10am, sadly it wasn't from any extreme efforts on my behalf, but apparently the normal cycle on my washing machine is the equivalent of about 4000 (ish) steps.

Yes, it inadvertently had a little wash this morning. An added bonus I guess is that it still works even after a tumble in the washing machine. Thankfully because one thing I realise is that it has helped me be more conscious and I definitely do walk a huge amount more than I ever used to, so it's helping regardless of me reaching the full 10,000 steps each day.

However if I could figure out how to climb into my front loader and clock up those sort of steps every time I do a load of washing then I would be a stick figure given that my washing machine is extremely active and constantly on the go. Alas life is never that simple.

This week has been crazy busy with bedtime around midnight most nights to get that confounded and hateful corporate governance assignment completed. I did it and I got it in on time. Well it was in half an hour before the cut off deadline, which is not something I normally do - go down to the wire.

Thankfully this month I have a break from school, with two interstate trips and plenty going on there just wasn't enough time to get it all done this month, so I'm more than a little excited about some 'me' time.

I'm starting to put together a business plan and some framework around some ideas I have, so this week was torturous not being able to fully give them the time I wanted to. Furiously scribbling down notes and ideas in notebooks and on my IPad on my tram ride each day was the best I could do.

On the plus side I now understand plenty about what to do and not to do in terms of governance when you have your own business or any business for that matter. However it seems that all the governance framework in the world doesn't mean anything if as a decent human being you don't have values and integrity, so it's an interesting balance.

I write this post on a Sunday afternoon when the most I have to moan about is a corporate governance assignment and the cold and miserable weather which doesn't seem to be letting up in our part of the world. At the same time elsewhere in the world families are in mourning in light of another Malaysian airlines tragedy and the numerous conflicts in Israel and beyond.

The reality is that I don't have too much to complain about at all and I'm extremely thankful that I have somewhere warm and safe in the world to be and that so to do my family and friends.

What are you feeling thankful for today?

Cheers, Fi

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