Sunday, August 17, 2014

Moments in time...

Do you have those moments when life is rushing along and then you remember that once upon a time you used to do fun things that kept your mind active and stretched your creativity and its been so long since you've done any of them.

Yeah me too, my thing is called blogging and web design, only when I finally get back to my blog (or my laptop for that matter) then I realise its been quite a few weeks since I was here last?

I'm sitting here tonight with my laptop open in the process of ordering shoes online for my son. I seem to use my Ipad more these days so that contributes to why I don't write blog posts as often, too hard on the Ipad.

What a big few weeks it's been, I have a break from school because I've got too much on this month. Last weekend hubby and I had five days interstate in Perth. I haven't been back to Perth since I  left there as a 12 year old roughly 30 years ago (yeah do the maths) It's the strangest feeling to return somewhere that you remember as child but a place where you have no sense of direction or location.

I think that sense of direction comes when you drive or have to navigate around an area. So while the place names and some of the places seemed familiar, how to get to those places or where things were in proportion to other things was totally non-existent.

I was sick the whole visit which was a little bit of a downer, it meant I coughed myself from one side of the city to the other and back again. That said it was a nice break, a nice re-visit and some time for hubby and I to spend together.

I was back to work for two days this week - I was still sick but had a staff members retirement dinner to help coordinate on Friday. Then I had my grandson over night last night. I was a little concerned about still having a cough and passing it on to him but sadly he was even sicker then I've been with his own appalling cough.

Consequently it's been a very long night and day. The only good part about it is because he was unwell all he wanted to do was lie cuddled up with his Nanni on the lounge and watch kids shows on TV, so I was was forced to just lay and rest with him. Not such a bad thing because I probably needed it just as much.

Strictly speaking we have about 13 days left of winter in Adelaide and I am well and truly over the cold and rain and the sickness. So many staff members at work have been off sick in the last couple of months, I think we just keep passing it around.

Bring on Spring, anytime soon we're ready for you.

A week tomorrow I'm in Melbourne for four days for training and then only back for a day and then a full weekend back in school, so I need to get my act together his week and get myself back to feeling healthy. A full week of training and study. The things I do to myself.

Anyways, I guess there's no reason to fill pages and pages of words to make up for my absence. I just need to remember my blog a little more often and come back now and again.

Have a good week everybody and to my darling sister-in-law, who will undoubtedly read this post - Happy Birthday for Wednesday gorgeous. You're the sister I never had and I love you dearly.

Cheers, Fi


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  2. Hope you're feeling better! Ready to trade summer for winter with you any time now. Do you think if we concentrated hard enough at the same time we could do it?


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