Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pie in the sky ideas

I'm suffering from a severe case of procrastination so what better way to ease my guilt then by writing about it - and yes there's some twisted logic in there somewhere.

I should be working on an assignment on Corporate Governance, argh hold me back from dying of boredom (apologies to anyone who actually works in governance and enjoys it - not because I'm sorry for disliking it but because I'm sorry you have to work in Governance - I'm kidding, well kind of)

This is by far the most horrible subject on the planet, I just don't get all the theories and principles of this subject. So I avoid writing an assignment in the hope that if I read more it might make sense. I'll read some more once I've written this post, or so I keep telling myself.

The last few weeks I've been putting together a goal book, which originated from a goal setting workshop which I did a few weeks ago. I'm not sure whether it's this process of putting together a goal book, but the last few mornings I've been waking up with a kazillion ideas running through my head.

Actually they sort of start once I get in the shower. My shower has always been my thinking space, although hubby doesn't take too kindly to me taking 20 minute showers, but you can't stifle creativity and brainstorming now can you?

I have some grand ideas for my own business and how I go about developing and building it in the two years I have left of my current contract. Thank heavens for Evernote on my Ipad. The ideas just itch to be captured and written down.

Do you know how many people are intrigued by someone tapping away on a keyboard on the tram in the mornings?

If you see someone writing in a notebook or tapping away on a keyboard are you intrigued as to what they're writing, or is just the writer in me who finds that sort of thing intriguing? Maybe people just stare out of boredom.

Trip to Renmark on the weekend was invigorating and restorative. I think I need to visit on a quarterly basis at a minimum. Yes family, I'm sure that would be fine with you. Country air and open spaces, aahhh I could move there tomorrow, well almost.

Could I be so far from my boys and my grandson, yeah probably not.

Okay time to go and stimulate my brain with articles on Corporate Governance and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (see, it even sounds impossibly boring)

Tell me, do you have goals and dreams, do you write them down, do you believe they will happen, or are they pie in the sky ideas that you have no idea how to make happen? Intrigued to know more.

I'll be back, only if I don't keel over first from the boredom.

Cheers, Fi

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  1. Well I own a Corporation and Corporate Governance for me might include, do I feel like dusting the office? Doesn't take much time to make decisions and delegate the responsibilities of 2 officers/shareholders : ) Thank God.


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