Sunday, December 8, 2013

Knowledge is Power

I'd love to be one of those sort of people who effortlessly goes for a jog, swims a few laps, does a few yoga poses. Someone who's trim, taut and terrific. At this stage I'm just settling for terrific.

Exercise and me, ugh it's an effort. I wish it wasn't. I love going for long walks on the beach, once I'm doing it that is, but the motivation to actually get there is kind of lacking.

For now I'm going to settle for parking my car at the furthest corner in the shopping centre car park (I still have new car paranoia) and walking from the city car park to my office. Plus a walk with the dog once or twice a week, okay fortnight then.

I also read an article in the Sunday Mail this morning about drinking 3 litres of water a day and the benefits for the skin and the easing of headaches. Yes I suffer from both, and then add to that atrocious hayfever.

I can't find the Sunday Mail article - but here it is from the UK writer

So, while you should never believe everything you read and we've also heard for years about the benefits of drinking more water, well the photos of this woman in the before and after speak for themselves.

Plus if there are added bonuses of easing of headaches, no dark circles under the eyes, clearer skin, flatter tummy......yadayadayada... well the long and short is that I'm my third 600ml bottle of water today. It will get better and easier to do.

Plus I also did my research - too much water is 4 litres and over in case you were wondering. Too much of anything is not a good suggestion.

Only two coffees all day, which is a record for me. Plus I got on the bully train last week to a former boss about the harm of drinking diet coke - another article I read. Stay with me here, in my defense he's been really sick for the last 12 months and normally consumes massive quantities of diet coke.

Here's the diet drinks related article

Well he listened, he went cold turkey and a week later he tells me he's feeling heaps better. Hey maybe its all in our heads but our heads are very powerful things and if we believe whats in our heads than anything is possible. Reason to also make sure our heads are full of good stuff and not bad messages.

So water, water and more water... nothing to lose and everything to gain. I'm feeling kind of energised - must be all the water I've consumed today, by now I would normally be moving like a slug. Family is all here for tea tonight, so I'm off to make a Butter Chicken dish.

Happy reading, hope you learn something useful from the links.

Cheers, Fi

...and in honour of an amazing man who the world lost this week.


  1. Have you tried "fun" exercises that might not seem like so much work? I love my Wii for that! Have a great week.

    1. Karen, gave my Wii and exercise step to my eldest son :-)

      Hope you have a good week too


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