Sunday, December 1, 2013

Quality over quantity

So given the title of this post, I really need to up the quality of what is written here being that the quantity has diminished considerably in the last few months. But, no apologies or excuses - that's life isn't it? Priorities and finding time to do the things we need (or want) to do.

I'm kind of suffering withdrawal at the moment because my personal writing has virtually dried up of late, not so much the desire to write but the hours in which to do it. I have plenty of writing going on at work but nothing really creative in my out of work hours.

If I plan on doing an MBA next year then I'm going to have to get better with my time management. Actually I'm going to have to totally pull my finger out and get my act together.

I used to have superior time management when the boys were younger and I was working and studying and attending every sports practice and game under the sun. Back then I was spectacular at multi-tasking.

There simply must have been more hours in my day back then when I think about just how much I used to do. Truth be known there was also no Facebook or internet like there is today. Such fantastic time wasters.

My eldest baby turned 25 today, wow that makes me feel old. Seems like only yesterday that he was a newborn and then some days it feels like another lifetime. We had family dinner last night with home made pizzas in the pizza oven to celebrate his quarter of a century celebration.

Today is the first day of summer in the southern hemisphere and it rained nearly all morning, there's something poetic about that isn't there? It was 30 degrees celcius to go with the rain which is way too tropical for the southern states of Australia.

It's that time of year when there's plenty of things happening with Christmas coming up and then we also have plenty of birthdays in our family and close friends circle. Parties and Christmas events seem to suck up all of the available free time.

I haven't even started my Christmas shopping, it seems too early, despite being just over three weeks away. My Christmas tree isn't up yet because without little kids in the house you kind of lose the momentum to get all these things done.

I miss the excitement and anticipation of having little kids in the house in the run up to Christmas. Teenage and young adult males just don't get excited about Christmas.

I kind of crave early January when all the craziness is out of the way and I can enjoy the long summer days and beach weather.

Anyhoo that's my news for now and I leave with no promises or statements of when my next post will be. I will be here when time permits and I have something to contribute. This blog has kept me sane for a number of years so I will endeavour to put words on the page at every opportunity that I can.

Hope you're staying sane in the crazy run up to Christmas and if you're reading this then you're obviously one of the few loyal followers I have and I say thank you for dropping by from time to time.

Cheers, Fi


  1. Ug, Christmas! This year I am having a really hard time caring about any of the festivities and would like to jump straight to January. BUT, my shopping is done, as this year we have decided to buy only for the girls. I hope you have a wonderful December! I still can't imagine Christmas being celebrated in the summer months, but I'm sure you think our pictures and songs of a white Christmas are probably pretty strange, too.

    1. Karen - strange isn't it, Christmas to me is sunshine and water and outdoors family fun. It has long been tradition for us to usually end up at a friends place on Christmas night and drinks around the pool till late is customary. I can't imagine cold and snow

  2. When the kids were little I felt really energized, but now that they are getting older (actually read: now that I am getting older) I find it all a much heavier load somehow. Sometimes I even feel overwhelmed nowadays, which never, ever happened before. Odd isn't it?

    Once you get your tree up you'll feel much more Christmassy, I'm sure.


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