Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sometimes, words fail me...

I work in the communications field, yet when it comes to talking about personal things which frustrate me or annoy me then I have no words to explain how I feel because my ability to communicate vanishes. 

Have you ever tried to get your message across when you're angry and then said words you never meant to say? 

What about when your upset and hurting, my words fail then too - but hours later when I've calmed down then I can think of all the things that I should have said and would have said if I'd been prepared. 

Let’s be honest we'd all be communication geniuses if we had time to plan and prepare, and if it wasn't so important personally so we didn’t care as much about the outcome.

I have decisions to make on what I think is the right move for me and well-meaning people are thwarting my moves. Am I not capable of making decisions for myself - is it too much to ask for support, even if I'm wrong?
That's my dilemma at the moment and all I want to do is scream with frustration. The reality is if I mess up and make the wrong decision then I will have to live with the fallout and make the best of a bad situation. I'm prepared for that, and the 'I told you so' will be loud and clear I'm sure.
Will it be life and death if I mess up - no; will it be a good learning curve - yes; will anyone suffer as a result of my actions - possibly, but not through any malicious or careless intent on my part; will they (and I) survive - yes.
How many of us stay stuck in a rut feeling miserable and unhappy because someone else fears change, or because we don't have enough confidence in ourselves to make a decision without that person's support and back up?
So tell me, am I alone in feeling this way? Surely someone can understand my frustration.
Cheers, Fi

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  1. We are all human and say things we want to take back. It happens. Whatever it is, it is your life, your decision..yes, it may impact others but as long as you have worked that out, then if you are ok with it, then do it. It is not like you didn't think long and hard about it. All the pros and cons right; not a rash emotional decision. Sometimes you just have to take a flying leap of faith...and let the cookie crumbles fall as they may. You can do anything you want if you want it bad enough and work hard at it. You are in control of your destiny. Whatever you dream, you can do, remember. I am on Team Fi! And I am sure those that are uncertain will be too once they see the difference it will make in your life, no longer miserable, stuck in a rut...Keep us posted.


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