Monday, July 15, 2013

I believe in me...

I'm good at making decisions; I'm forthright and decisive and just like to get things done. It's when it's personal and other people believe they know what's best for me that things get a little wonky in the decision making department.

I've finally made the decision and my feeling of relief and weightlessness is worth it. For better or worse, I will live with the outcome. This blog was so-named based on how I was raised, with the belief that makes me hang on to my dreams and the power we each have to make amazing things happen.

My parents raised my brother and I to believe in ourselves and our abilities; which is sometimes easier said than done when you get stuck in a rut of comfort and security. Consequently making the decision I have when based on my belief in myself and what I know I am capable of has been an interesting one when coupled with that security and comfort issue.

Here’s a good metaphor I found;

If you take a frog and drop him in hot boiling water, his feedback system will tell him to jump out so he doesn't die. And he'll pay attention. But if you take a frog and put him in cold water and then gradually heat up that water to boiling, the frog doesn't jump out. He's so used to the temperature at every stage that he can't tell the difference. Even when he's actually burning, he doesn't realise it.

Many people are living in warm and hot water on a daily basis. They spend so much of their time frustrated, stressed, angry, irritated, depressed, etc. that they don't even realise how badly they're feeling. And so, even though their vibrational feedback system is screaming at them to get out of the boiling pot, they don't jump out. They're used to it.

Yes, I regularly bang on my drum about life being too short to be miserable. Well it's now time for me to walk my own talk and do what feels right for me – it’s time to jump out of the pot. To all my loved ones who believe they know better than me what is actually best for me - thanks for caring, but this is what I have to do.

If and when I fall on my face and have to admit I made the wrong decision, then all I ask is that you stand me back on my feet and restrain yourselves from saying "we told you so" too loudly. What will be, will be and I'll work it out.

After all, isn't loving or caring about someone also about recognising their need to make decisions and learn from what might end up being a mistake - even if you don't agree? We can advise, we can have an opinion - but in the end we have to step back and let that person do what they need to do.

Of course I’ll be back soon to tell you what my decision is – you will smile and say the words “we believe in you and only you know what’s right for you.”

I in turn, will smile and say “thank you.”
Cheers, Fi



  1. You're killing me here...cliffhanger. I, for one, believe in you! You can do it, whatever it is.

  2. I believe in you and your ability to do what you need to do.

    However, I think I might be a frog...sigh. OK, time to make plans.


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