Monday, July 22, 2013

Some weeks you're happy to see the end of...

Last week was one of those weeks... with the repercussions of decisions I made that some people still fail to fully understand the reasons for.

We're slowly getting there, however the weekend was my absolute payback for the week from hell.

I spent two days stuck in a holiday shack on the Yorke Peninsula with plenty of chick flick DVD's, my Kindle loaded with books and my pens and notebooks.

It was freezing cold, and poured with rain most of the weekend. Are you getting a clear picture of my weekend - it was pure torture. I was alone all day in a shack away from the responsibilities of home with nothing to do but read and write. It was also too horrible outside to feel guilty about staying indoors.

I was forced to run the heater and snuggle up under a quilt and watch DVD's (the girly kind which are unheard of in my male dominated household), read books and write.

Yes for some it would be sheer agony, for me - total bliss. So it was was poor little me, myself and I keeping each other company. Oh and I felt obliged to take a little nanna nap both afternoons to recharge my badly depleted batteries, but ssshhh don't tell anyone.

We drove over on the Friday afternoon, hubby having to drive a truckload of steel across for the shed that he and three of his mates were over there building for a friends new holiday home. Working with strict timelines meant this was the weekend it had to be done so they left at 7 both mornings and arrived back at 7 at night.

The drive home last night was the most arduous part of the whole weekend because we didn't leave until after 7pm and we were unloading the truck at 11pm last night when we got back to Adelaide, but that's taking the good with the bad.

So quick update on the family - youngest turned 16 today, my baby is growing up. Never one to do things by halves, he went, sat and received his learners permit to drive a car, his boat license and the permit to get his motor bike license all today. Not sure which one scares me more.

Middle son heads off on a grand cross country journey tomorrow, well a road trip to Melbourne which is 9 hours away. That scares me just as stupid, my middle baby driving on the open roads. He'll be back on Thursday, with awesome memories and safe and sound in one piece - because I told him that outcome is not negotiable.

That's the sucky part of being a parent - worrying about your children. Here's to our children staying safe and awesome memories and challenges in the making to make life just that little bit more exciting.

Cheers, Fi

On a final note I found this picture on Facebook this week and it seemed fitting for the next chapter of my life.


  1. Love the sound of your weekend! Poor you having to spend your time alone, with no obligations but R&R and time to relax and be present. :)

  2. Thanks for posting that quote. I needed to see it again. This is what is traditionally called "Hell Week" at work, the week before school starts. It lives up to its name for many reasons, and I just needed a reminder from the message. WHY is it so hard sometimes to do what is right for us without feeling so guilty?

    Happy Birthday to your son!

    1. Doing what's right for us without felling guilty - that's not listed anywhere in the 'mother's handbook' is it?

    2. LOL Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be in the teacher's or coworker's handbook I follow either.


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