Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ready for battle

So my body is one step ahead of me and was ready for going sugar free this morning because I woke up with a migraine. Consequently I went back to bed and slept for most of the morning. It's so easy not to drink coffee with loads of sugar when you're sleeping.

Today hasn't been too bad though, I have a dull headache - I can blame that fully on the migraine and not even blame the lack of sugar. It works for me. I've had a couple of coffees with a sugar replacement - Stevia is  totally natural, from a plant and better than the fake alternatives. Totally acceptable apparently.

Okay so fake sugar in any shape or form tastes like crap, but this stuff is bearable. You didn't honestly think I could go cold turkey as in totally cold turkey did you? I'm reading the backs of packets and packaging to see how much sugar is in things.

Scary little figures those ones, even bread has oodles of sugar, go figure.

I'm making smarter choices and being aware, that's the first step. I'm sure tomorrow will be harder when I'm back at work and I'm not feeling so sub-standard. I have prepared for it though. I've swapped my coffee choice to a smoother flavoured brand (read that as more expensive) but it's more bearable without sugar and I went out and got some chai tea to try as well.

Sugar goes first and then we'll move onto the caffeine removal, one step at a time. Removing coffee is also more of a warm weather option for me.

I've stocked up on nuts and healthier snack options, also more vegies and not as much fruit. I've purchased the e-book 'I quit sugar' by Sarah Wilson and I've done some more research. There's heaps of different books and things to read out there if you've considered going sugar free yourself.

Well that's my progress so far, we'll see how we go over the next few days.

By the way I'm over on World Moms Blog today, talking about whether we might be guilty of breeding 'Useless Teenagers'. WMB has a bright brand new look and boy do we look HOT - so make sure you drop by and say hi.

Cheers from a sugar free Fi (say that quickly several times)


  1. Good for you for doing this slowly but with determination! I really think the key is to not go cold turkey and to let your body get used to small changes. My year without sugar and processed foods was a great one, and I can't wait to be at a place I can get there again. Keep up the good work!

    1. Karen I'm actually surprised that I didn't find it harder today. Most of is is just awareness and despite having a headache still (migraine related more so) I'm actually feeling quite good. Baby steps

  2. Those are good decisions. I was diabetice with my last pregnancy and after a short time I was used to substitutes and now cannot stand to use sugar, it feels gross in my mouth,(Except chocolate ; ) I also went mostly caffeine free years ago, especially with soda, and only occasionally have migraines now. I drink a lot tea but it has way less than coffee.

  3. Here's what I do when I drink black coffee (I don't use sugar anyway but I do like milk...) I use cinnamon -- and I think it tastes awesome!

    Hope the headache goes away!


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