Monday, August 27, 2012

Life-is-a-changing...ready or not

Do I lack courage, or am I brave for doing what feels right? I don't know, but either way I've taken down the feed to Linked In because while I have nothing to hide and nothing that I don't want out there, I've decided that my work colleagues don't need it in their faces either.

It also made me feel too uncomfortable and that defeats the purpose of writing what's in my heart if it causes me angst.

Sure, my work colleagues can search for words I've written (they're freely available with a google search) but then it's their choice to see it, it's not just there in their faces. I link to FB which is for my family and close friends and Twitter which is blogging friends and Google+ just because I can (it's also my least favourite)

The thing is, I write because that's who I am. I also laugh and love and hurt and cry and rage - just with some tempering when writing about it on my blog. My morning pages are filling that void and enabling me to let it all flow with no restrictions.

Today was one of those days that could result in many words spewed across the page, but I'll be concise here. You know one of those kind of days when a major announcement is made at work about a resignation and then everyone walks around in shock with blank looks on their faces.

The fallout of this completely unexpected announcement was people making private calls left, right and centre, and in every corner of the building whispered conversations were occurring as many tried to process the information and what it meant for them.

That was my day - our Group Managing Director resigned today. What that means for all of us, our company and the future is largely up in the air. We all know this heralds big changes for the Corporate Office, and not changes that aren't largely overdue. Poo-ee to the changes we're trying to implement with the project, this is so much bigger and makes what we're trying to do even more difficult.

There was other news today which I can't share as yet but which only served to cap off a day of BIG 'oh shit' moments.

Lets sum this all up in one equation - lots of critical work happening on the project + unsettled people and potentially unsettling changes + change of project sponsor mid project and massively tight deadlines. Equations like this make most people feel a little (or a lot) ill.

Everything happens for a reason though - right?

Cheers, Fi

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  1. Don't you just love change!!!! We kinda have to -- it's here to stay :)


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