Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Making life way!

There's nothing I like better than discovering a new blog whose owner is a writer and who is someone who reaches for the impossible in life. It's worth discovering someone who walks the talk and makes life happen, rather than sitting around and letting life happen around them.

My boss obviously knows me too well because he sent me the link to this blog called Blog of Impossible Things and specifically the link for this post "An unexpected ass kicking" which was an engaging story but then I discovered the following words in another post called "How bad do you want to it"
How To Know If You Just Kinda Want It:
You might say you want it, but you just kinda want it. You can tell because
  • When it’s time to cheat, you give in.
  • When it stops being easy, you give up.
  • As soon as things get uncomfortable, you go searching for something easier
Have you ever felt like that, have you dreamt of what you want in your life, or what you want your life to look like - but you don't start because it's just not quite the right time.

You have all the best reasons - work is too busy to start [insert your dream here] this week, your kids have sporting activities so you can't do the gym visits this week, you need to do a little bit more research and learn some more, or perhaps you want to find a new job but you need to do get through this months bill cycle, or ironically you're too busy at work to look for another job at the moment.

Boy have I been there so many times.

It was this post that slapped me between the eyes and made me sit up and take notice. See, I started reading The Artists Way this week (following a recommendation from another blogger). The blurb on the front page is 'finding the spiritual path to higher creativity'. My kind of blurb!

The message in this book by Julia Cameron is that one of the best ways to enrich your creativity is to write three pages of free writing every morning. Stream of consciousness writing. There's a 12 week program to follow, with activities and it's not just for writers, it's for anyone looking to enrich their lives.

I've read the section for the first week and of course I plan on doing the activites - especially the free writing, but I haven't started yet. I'm waiting for - heck who knows what I'm waiting for. The perfect day, the perfect notebook to write in, the right pen.

The thing is I'm not a procrastinator in general - when it comes to getting things done, I'm top of the class, out there in front and annoying the hell out of everyone who isn't keeping up. But, when it comes to my writing I get a little fearful, oh shit, I get a lot fearful. But the reality is - How bad do I really want it?

If you write, or believe in making things happen, or you just want more in your life, then you have  to go and check out this blog.

'Nuff said, the 12200 re-tweets of that particular 'ass kicking' post are possibly an indication of the popularity of the blog.

So it seems I have a three pages of words to write tomorrow morning (amazingly I bought two new noteooks on the weekend specifically for this purpose)

Hope you're making life happen this week.

Cheers, Fi

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