Sunday, February 6, 2011

The mystery of 'male bonding'

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.~ Moliere ~

There can only be one word for it and that's 'male bonding' which is still somewhat of a mystery to me. Hubby and the MM's have spent the day re-installing the shelving in the new shed and are slowly emptying the back verandah of all the clutter. Yes I am beginning to see what was once a nice back verandah restored to its former glory again. Believe me when I say that these photos are an 'improvement' on what it was like.

The process of building the shelves and moving twenty years of accumulated junk back into the shed is a massive task and is accompanied by much yelling and disagreeing. This is the process that astounds me. Why males have to yell and disagree on the placement of clutter is baffling to me. I spent the morning in the house cleaning and trying to ignore the raised voices coming from the backyard.

This was no easy task, because I find yelling and raised voices
disconcerting and unsettling. I understand it is a 'boy' thing and
while they may be yelling at each other and the MM's are fighting over who does what, it is in fact a form of male bonding and togetherness. They all sit back at the end of the day and rejoice in the mighty task they have accomplished, with no hard feelings and lots of mateship.

I have a more structured and relaxed way of doing things so I stayed out of the way.

I was extremely annoyed with myself this afternoon because having scoured the house from top to bottom (an extremely thankless task I might add) I was planning on sitting down this afternoon to write some more only be to besieged by a migraine. Frustrated beyond belief because my vision goes all spotty, much like looking into the sun and then I get a raging headache and I can't think straight. Ergh!

Consequently, two hours was spent napping on the lounge this afternoon which is vital time lost but was unfortunately a necessity. All symptoms have been relieved by my 'nanna nap' now I just have a nagging headache to contend with, which will mean limited time writing tonight. Not happy!

Well that's all my words for now, at least I have a clean house and a back verandah which is slowly being restored to useable space again which is at least some progress for today.

Cheers for now, Fi

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  1. Sorry about the migraine -- my daughter gets them and they can be ugly!

    Glad your back porch is looking beautiful -- at least you can loll about in splendour!

    Take care.



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