Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Like attracts Like

Like attracts like. Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes, the subconscious identically creates.~ Brian Adams

I started writing this post this morning sitting at my desk at work. Once again I have very little to do and it’s driving me crazy. I went through this process before Christmas and while the first four weeks back at work resulted in things to do, I am now back to twiddling my thumbs – I guess I will get more of my book written today.

Maybe my conscious mind is so focussed on being a writer that I am creating these circumstances (as in like attracts like in the quote) and I am hereby giving myself time to write - now there's a thought!!!

Back to the work subject - the project is due to go back before the Board of Directors on the 28th February for approval and until then we are still in holding pattern. It seems wrong to be getting paid to sit around and wait for them to make a decision.

At the moment I spend 45 minutes each morning and night driving to and from work to sit and do – diddly squat. I know some people would enjoy this prospect but I am going out of my mind with boredom. I’m used to racing around and having 101 things to do.

Who knows how long this can keep up for; surely it’s not good business sense for me to be doing nothing and getting paid to do it. My greatest task today will be going out to organise lunch for the conference meeting that the other two team members are sitting in on today.

In some ways it would almost be better if they made me redundant, then I would get a nice big pay out and at least have an opportunity to find something where my brain isn’t shrivelling from lack of use. I know they’re keeping me on because I have the skills necessary for this project, if and when it gets approved, but I’ve been here since August last year and we’re still waiting on Board approval.

How hard is it to say yes or no? Instead we’re met with ‘go away and bring us more information’ Personally I think we’ve provided them too much information, our third party consultants can’t believe the hoops we have to jump through for the Board and they say they’ve never come up against this with other customers. But hey, they’ll hang in there for the duration because if we do get approval, it’s a $36M project.

Is it any wonder that big businesses across the world can’t get their act together when they spend 6 months making a decision? Yet, when it comes to the important stuff they make hasty, snap decisions which drastically affect others.

Well that’s my whinge for today, I’m now going to take a nice leisurely drive out to the shops to organise some lunch and then come back and spend the afternoon writing my book. Does that make me a paid writer? Ha-ha. I’ve almost reached the half way stage and am creeping up on 31,000 words.

I guess if, no I'll say when I get my book published, I can dedicate it to the company for paying me while I wrote my book.

I found a poem that I wrote ages ago while searching through my files in need of something to do today. Happy reading.

Essence of Baby

it starts with a sigh on a heart beat
a whisper in the wind
telling all the world
of the joy which you behold

breathe deeply, inhale the baby essence
expands a heart with love

nestled in my arms
innocence and purity, eyes that fill with glee
tiny fingers grasp, warm and soft and sweet
powdery-soft cheek nestled against my own

breathe deeply, inhale the baby essence,
calms a mother’s soul

chubby little legs, churn with candid joy
gurgling; giggling; chuckling.
ribbons of love entwine
spiralling out, seeking, touching

breathe deeply; inhale the baby essence,
soothes a savage beast

laughter bubbles merrily along
the river of tears they flow, of
cherished memories good and bad
through shimmering hands of time

breathe deeply; inhale the baby essence,
which makes a life complete

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  1. Sweet!

    Getting paid to write your book -- and yes, it does not make sense

    Your poem -- Sweet!



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