Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One step in front of the other and gaining speed...

Yesterday was the first night since the 7th August that I've slept all night and I didn't wake myself up coughing. I don't think I've been that excited about a solid nights sleep since my boys were babies and still waking up during the night.

ahhhh, how the little things make us happy...the cough is still there but sleep has returned. I am happy.

The last few weeks have been an ongoing battle to get healthy again. As mentioned to some the other day the doctor tells me that my test results showed that I had Influenza A (the bad kind) and a secondary infection. Reason for being sick....yeah just a bit.

This month I've had training at work, the most horrendous MBA subject under the sun to be learning and a torrent of other things on and its been such a struggle with low energy levels and the cough sent to drive me crazy.  

I handed my assignment for Financial Issues in last night, it was a battle, in fact it was excruciatingly hard work. So here's the thing, back in my school days I learnt how to add and subtract, I even learnt division and multiplication and did so competently. I'm a whizz at times tables and I can even manage money. The rest of my maths classes I must have slept.

My brain just does not compute numbers and formulas. It's like a foreign language when I'm trying to work out ratios and percentages and rates of return and oh boy I could go on and on. I am beyond horribly embarrassed that I can't make my brain function on this topic.

Yet ask me to describe a scene or story in words, or an emotion, even a lesson in life - and it's a piece of cake. Can I combine images which tell a story - no problem. Plus there's the fact that my personality means I struggle when I'm not at least competent at something and especially when you can't even 'fake it till you make it' - after all, equations are either right or wrong, there's no in between.

My brain tells me I should go and master the subject (financial accounting) as in learn more about it and my heart says don't be silly. When I get wealthy and run my own business I will hire an accountant and know just enough to know they're doing their job and not ripping me off and not one iota more.

So in one of my last posts I mentioned about doing something which stretched my comfort zone - yeah well I did it. I nominated for a position on a Board of Directors for a not-for-profit young women's group. Last night was the meet and greet with some of the current board and members.

Networking and selling yourself, not something which comes easily for me.There's 27 nominees and 4 positions, my chances are narrow but it's an organisation that does such amazing stuff in terms of women and leadership and advocacy, that I will get involved in a volunteer capacity regardless.

You know how some things come along just when they need to, this was one of those things that just serendipitously came into being. The other serendipitous moment (love that word) is our current trainer for my Train the Trainer training. This woman should be bottled; for her knowledge, her generous spirit and the sheer joy she brings to our organisation.

She's my unofficial mentor and I feel like my brain goes into overload with the amount of knowledge she has to share. Following our training session today, one of our staff asked me if we as an organisation could unofficially adopt her - she has that sort of an effect on those she comes into contact with.

This not writing as often means the words just pour out of me when I do eventually sit down to write a post, but life is busy and health is returning so here's to me finding a better balance.

Hope you're all well and hope you have someone to inspire you and spur you on to being even more amazing than you already are.

Cheers, Fi

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