Sunday, September 7, 2014

Do what makes you happy

Thirty one days of coughing and still going, but at least I'm feeling better after a course of antibiotics this week. August was a bit of a right-off in my world, so it needs to be full steam ahead for September.

Maybe half steam for the month as I get myself back to full health and normal energy levels.

Flu season has been horrendous this year, so many of us at work have been off on more than one occasion in the last month as this bugger of a flu never seems to fully go away.

A burst of spring weather this weekend has put some lightness back in my step, well that and moving past needing an afternoon nap because I've been so exhausted. Bring on more spring sunshine, I'm so over the cold and miserable weather and feeling unwell.

Challenges abound in the world of those around me and I send hope and strength to those fighting their own battles at the moment. My own bout of flu and a cough are small compared to what some are facing so I'm thankful for everything positive in my world.

A recent trip to Melbourne for work and training gave me an opportunity to catch up with a former boss. He metaphorically sits on my shoulders between that little angel and devil and speaks for my sub-conscious, asking why I haven't been doing some of the things that mean so much to me i.e. writing my next novel.

I have all the excuses under the sun, the biggest is not having time, but really if it's something that you love so much then sometimes you have to find time. So I pulled it out of the cobwebs and it's morphed into a trilogy, with first chapters written for the first and second novel.

I've set myself a goal to have the first novel finished by March next year, sooner would be better but with my study I need to at least be realistic. I'm now keeping a goal book which keeps my goals close and acts as a visual reminder when I let everyday life cloud my focus or direction.

On the subject of everyday life, it's time to run away and do what I've been avoiding, a 2500 word analysis of a publicly listed company's annual financial statements. This is the true definition of torture for me - numbers and explaining them. It's my least favourite subject of my whole course - Strategic Finance.

One of the guys in my course who runs his own hotel summed it up last week when he said that's why he has an accountant. Yes when I run my own business I'll have my own accountant, that's what being in business is about isn't it - knowing your strengths and hiring others to do what you may be weak in.

Sure while I understand the need to know the financial side of things, I don't have to explain it or analyse it and I surely don't have to make a career of it. I laugh at the irony of the 'numbers' discussion because my youngest and his step brother are both passionate about maths and economics.

Maybe I'll just hire them for my future there's a thought.

Have a great week everyone, and to dads everywhere - Happy Fathers Day, especially to my own. If you're lucky enough to be surrounded by sunshine this week then get out and enjoy it. Life is too short.

Cheers, Fi

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