Monday, June 23, 2014

My little world is changing

The world is no longer as we know it, this is my first try at online journaling opposed to handwritten journaling. So for the unknowing - I am posting this purely from my IPad - but I've actually copied it from my new personal and private online journal because I wanted to say the same things. 

That is not always the case that my blog posts and daily pages are the same, in fact usually they are distinctively different. One is private and one is for public consumption.

There are so many benefits to online journaling, not the least of which are things like spell check, portability, password protection, sync with Dropbox which means no need to remember to bring it with me. 

Thee are also things against it such as spell check, password protection.... Yeah so funny aren't I? Let's just say the pros at this stage outweigh the cons.
I can use my iPhone, my iPad or any computer that I am able to log on to. Also for the perfectionist in me, I no longer have to resist the urge to rip the messy page from my journal if I make one little whoops. Gotta love that.

I said it once that I would never given up paper books, and I did for my Kindle. Now where handwritten journals have been a part of my life for most of my life and I'm giving it up for the electronic age. I want to be able to add things into my journal from online, and photos and affirmations plus also do my goal setting and my life planning all in one place.

In many cases I run out of time and then I tell myself I'll come back to it for things like affirmations, stick in pictures etc. as you well know I usually don't cos my time runs out. There are also things I write in my journal which contain elements of which I could recreate for my blog.

Let it be said they I am not a Change Manager because I dislike change - so it's important to move with the times and squeeze every moment of possibility out of life and work it to my benefit. This journaling app looks to be superior to most I have seen so I will see how it goes for goal planning and usability and hey if it doesn't work the way I want it to then I will design my own app - simple.

Or if all else fails they do still make lined paper and pens lol

I'm also not dumb though, there's no point re-inventing the wheel (or building a new app) if this one does everything I want it to do.

Had the family for dinner last night for Jayden's 3rd birthday celebration which is coming up on Friday. Love that little guy, he brings light into my life. So I was going  to post the photo but haven't quite figured out how yet.

Can do it from the internet but not sure about saving it from email or Facebook ...... Oh well it's on Facebook for some to see. Argh. Need to get better at this technology stuff using my latest electric gadgets.

I've been super busy and as is the case when I'm doing too much then I get sick, so that's part of the reason for a lack of lots of things lately - phone calls, replies to comments, blog posts, catch ups. 

But I learnt recently that you shouldn't apologise for doing what's right for you unless you're harming another - so no apologies. My life is what it is and I will do all of those things when I can and you will all continue to know I love and care about you and that I read each and every comment - I always have time for that.

Cheers, Fi 


  1. Change is not always a bad thing. Like you said though you need to do what works for you.

    1. I'm all for change Jen, it keeps things interesting. How's things on your side of the world?

  2. Lovely post Fiona. I was reading in the paper the schedule of 3 working mums - i think people forget that if you are enjoying what you do then stop thinking about the rest and enjoy what you are doing - it's what you chose for now and only for a time as all things change. If you don't like it make the change earlier, as you have done. (I know - easily said) To save FB photo, click & open it - the options are at the bottom. To save email photo (iPad) rest your finger on it and the options come up. Photo is saved to the 'camera roll' folder.


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