Sunday, June 8, 2014

Some days are exhausting...

Never have I been so happy for a long weekend to roll around then I was for this one.

Last weekend meant a full weekend in school, followed by a busy, busy week at work, plus a promise to myself that no day will pass without me walking my minimum of 10,000 steps.

Hence by Friday night I was beyond exhausted. I have plenty to do in terms of studying and an assignment due in just over a week and I have barely opened my books. Yesterday I cleaned my house, two weeks between cleans is just a little bit too long.

Today began with good intentions but instead I made homemade soup, plus a huge pot of spaghetti bolognaise for tea tonight for our regular weekly 'whole' family dinner and I took the dog for a long, long walk. I need my daily steps plus its been so long since I walked her - hubby and the boys do, but short of walking in the dark there's not many hours of daylight when I'm actually at home.

I was meant to go to a work reunion last night but didn't even have the energy for that - sorry guys.

Tomorrow I might do some study and I might not, I try not to beat myself up over these things too much anymore. Perfection is not necessary, doing what I need to and on time to ensure I'm passing is acceptable. Knocking myself out and trying to do too much not so acceptable.

Middle son is now back on the road after a little 'enforced' break and has also just bought himself a scooter - argh, what is it about my boys and two wheeled modes of transport.

That's all three of them now who have a two wheeled ride and if you throw in my stepson as well then there's more than a little bit of a heart flutter which happens to this mumma on a regular basis.

I've found my next holiday / self development goal to focus on - I've always wanted to go to Italy and I've found a writers retreat which happens a couple of times a year in Tuscany. Now this sounds just like my sort of thing -

Of course then I'd also have to spend a couple more weeks traversing the Italian countryside and seeing all the things I want to. There's a few things to get out of the way first (like how I'd actually finance it) but it's definitely on the top of the bucket list.

I'm in a funny mind space at the moment in trying to figure out exactly what I want my future to look like. My work contract goes up until the middle of 2016, so I have to have everything in place for the next phase of my work life and I'm pretty certain I don't want to work for somebody else, not unless its something pretty challenging and sensational.

I also don't want to be a small business owner either, so I have some serious thinking and planning to do to figure out what I want to do unless of course the universe showers us with some cold hard cash in the meantime.

We're only a week into winter and boy the nights are starting to get cold, why can't winter only hang around for a week or two and then be done? I'm definitely not a cold weather person. The open air and great outdoors suit me just fine when it's warm.

Now that I've filled up my available minutes with blog writing, I might go stir the pasta sauce and have a nice relaxing alcoholic beverage before the family all arrive for tea. Busy days make you cherish the quiet relaxing times with family so much more.

Hope you're all finding time to relax.

Cheers, Fi


  1. It definitely sounds like you could do with some you time! I think you should go for the course, sounds fab!!!

    1. Hello there stranger, haven't seen or heard from you in a while - hope everything is going okay in your part of the world. I agree this writing thing sounds awesome

  2. I'm so impressed that you are keeping up with those 10,000 steps every day. I keep saying I'm going to, but either mental or physical pain seems to jump in my way every time. Oh, well, I'll push it another time when I can truly commit to it. I hope this week is great for you!

    1. Some days it's extremely hard Karen but strangely enough the GCC keeps me focused which I didn't think it would

  3. I know this busy lifestyle only too well and fitting it all in is a constant challenge. Having a sleep-in is never an option as I feel so guilty because of everything that needs doing. My study (which is self-paced) is taking a backseat at the moment as some family and other obligations have to take precedence. In July I am dropping back to working 4-days per week and I am so looking forward to that.
    The Italy writing trip sounds wonderful. I could be quite tempted as well as finding time to fit writing into my mix at the moment is very difficult. I am impressed that you manage to keep blogging.
    I don't often comment though I have tried a few times. The hoops that I have to jump through as a Wordpress Blogger to comment on a Google Blog are confusing and mostly I am told that I do not own my account. See how it goes this time.

    1. I agree with the bit about sleeping in, it's quite amazing how we change our thoughts when we get older. Working 4 days a week sounds divine. Also not sure why Wordpress and Blogger play silly games sometimes but glad for your comments when they do come through.

  4. Right after I mop the kitchen...and do laundry...and, Arghh- is 9:16 AM too early for an alcoholic beverage ; D...or I could steal my retirement savings and run to Tuscany to try to remember how to be a writer, How awesome would that be?!

  5. I can so relate these days....seems like not enough hours in the day....I am able to do a little bit of some things but not enough of everything. LOL. I haven't written a blog post in ages, let alone read Hope you can get back on track...whatever that is. Ha! Italy, sounds fabulous! How's that grandbaby? Saw post on FB about a 3rd birthday! Yikes time flies.


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