Monday, May 19, 2014

The magic of dreaming

Not enough hours in my days so I'm writing my blog post in my lunch break - whatever works. Tonight I have to finish an assignment, it's nearly done but these days I have to squeeze every ounce out of my days and be time efficient.

In being so time efficient I ran out of the house without a vital object this morning and I feel like I'm missing my left arm - I left my mobile phone at home. How stupid is it that I feel lost without my phone.

How much do you rely on your phone? Me obviously too much, 20 minutes of quality reading time on the tram this morning wasted because I couldn't read anything because my phone usually operates as a hotspot for my Ipad - without it I have no wifi. I left the Kindle at home in favour of the Ipad extras. The occasional free wifi on the tram was also nowhere in existence this morning either.

Oh well, the Universe must be trying to tell me something. Telling me something other than I rely on my mobile phone too much. Let's be honest it is my left arm, it's my calendar, my address book, my contact with my family and friends, it's basically my source of all information which is vital. What a pain in the butt.

Moving on, today at work I've been putting together a glossary for our project blog - do you know how many acronyms we use - gazillions. There's something about information technology which just facilitates acronyms.

Not sure what it is about acronyms that we all like, why exactly is it that we abbreviate several words down to a shorter word which then needs explanation for anyone who doesn't know what it means.

How funny is our language?

That said, while I was searching for quotes about acronyms I found two which while not IT specific they definitely made me smile, because they remind me to dream.

 The elements which make up DREAM are what enable me to find a way to SMILE.

It's time for me to do some more work, lunchtime is over. Have a good week and remember to dream big dreams and find reasons to smile everyday.

Cheers, Fi

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