Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The future's so bright

I'm a big believer in fate and the bigger picture because I know that everything happens for a reason.

All of the puzzle pieces of my life are falling into place but I'm still not sure what they all mean because the bigger picture is still too fuzzy to determine.

The thing is my favourite two words - serendipity and synergy, well they seem to be quite appropriate.

Serendipity being an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident and Synergy being the interaction or cooperation of two or more elements to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Lets start with last year where the picture started to evolve and grow. After 12 years with the same organisation and having become bored with the lack of challenges, I took my long service pay out and quit my job. It was a big leap of faith that there was better things out there for me. Hubby wasn't quite so sure.

I applied for plenty of jobs, yet my new job was the first one I applied for and the only one that I rang and asked questions about. It took nine weeks from application to acceptance and despite a number of interviews for jobs I thought were more what I was looking for, it was the first one I took.

The second month I was in my new job, the IT Manager bought a book called 'Life in Half a Second' by Matthew Michaelwicz, he loved it so much that he bought every staff member a copy. I loved it, was inspired by it.

In November I enrolled through the Australian Institute of Business to do my MBA. Two weeks ago I got an invitation to an alumni event for AIB about Success and Entrepreneurship, I signed up before realising that it was the author of that same book doing the presentation.

What an inspiring presentation it was and something which resonated was the way he got started in Adelaide was by approaching the Adelaide InBusiness magazine about writing freelance business articles as a way of getting his foot in the door of Adelaide businesses to discover their business needs as requirements gathering for his new business.

I discovered InBusiness magazine at my last workplace and was intrigued by it but my previous company wasn't interested in a subscription and it didn't really make sense for me to have a personal subscription at that time. Following Matthew's presentation last week I applied for a free copy of the magazine to reacquaint myself with the magazine given my growing love of business and writing.

Then out of the blue today I got a phone call from the owner / editor exploring my connection with my current employer (in the education industry) and my interest in the magazine due to the magazine/organisation launching a new learning program for 16-25 year olds interested in entrepreneurship in the next few weeks.

If synergy was a colour then I would have a big glow of bright, sparkly yellow optimism and possibilities whirling around me at the moment. Serendipity would be the inspiring bright green of new ideas and plans.

Okay so now you see all the synergies and serendipity - I'm not sure how it all comes together but it's definitely intriguing what the bigger picture is. I'm kind of intrigued where I fit in that picture which is evolving and what other pieces will make up the bigger picture.

If I add up my love of business, writing and entrepreneurship with the need to challenge myself and a long term desire to create my own business - well the big picture is underway someway, somehow.

Part of that bigger picture also involves now working for an organisation with a CEO who has an immense focus on developing females within our organisation and with so many opportunities and discoveries all at my fingertips it's a little dizzying.

The latest of which was a course this afternoon about Leadership and Developing your own Personal brand given by an inspiring individual, Tricia Karp, who is probably living some of my future 'dream' job.

So as challenging as it is to continue stepping out of my comfort zone, it's all part of discovering what's there to be discovered. What are you discovering this week?

Cheers, Fi


  1. Good morning, Fi! I am returning to my blog, finally, after taking a teaching position took my focus way too far away from my dream of writing. So, what am I discovering this week? That I REALLY don't want to teach for the rest of my life (or just the next ten years) and I need to focus heavily on my writing. Teaching isn't a horrible job, just not the job for me. Dreams can't wait, so I need to start writing again. Here's hoping that writing nonsense on my blog will focus my brain again.

    1. Welcome back Ann - good luck with the re-focus. I'll be sure and drop by and say hi at your online space


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