Sunday, February 23, 2014

There's magic in belief

Sometimes unlikely things can kick start things which have been stuck. Two things happened this week which got me refocused. Wednesday I had my monthly meeting for SARA which is the South Australia group of romance writers.

I've been attending meetings since maybe October (with a break over the Christmas period) and the talent and camaraderie in this group can be a little daunting for a new comer who's not to sure of her own writing ability.

This weeks group was about writing a synopsis which is the brief summary of your book, basically the selling points that make people want to read your book. It was a great class on Wednesday with heaps of useful information and a clear format for laying out the basics of a story.

I came away as usual energised and enthusiastic, which is quite the norm but it kick started  good things. Then on Thursday I had an amazing win on a local radio competition, little ol' me who has never won anything over about $100 in my entire 42 years on this planet.

I spent most of Thursday afternoon in total shock and denial, then the excitement kicked in because this is essentially all of our spending money for Phuket. The timing is perfectly sent by the universe and I can't say thank you in enough ways.

Then Saturday I sat down bound and determined to get my writing happening because a few realities came to light at Wednesday's meeting which made me realise all of them started from exactly where I am and many of them are at the same stage.

Why I thought every one of them was published I'll never know, maybe its the amazing confidence and belief all of them exhibit.

So with new understanding and belief in my own ability, I broke my story out into two separate ideas (to become the first two books in a trilogy) and I got roughly 2000 words written down on Saturday night - and that was only once my grandson had gone to bed. So huge output in a short time span.

Armed with soaring confidence I'd planned to write this afternoon after the little man went home to his daddy's house but a migraine knocked me flat, so three hours of sleep later and I woke up. Arrrgggh what a bloody waste of an afternoon.

Anyhoo son and his girlfriend and the grandson came back for dinner and now finally I can sit down and write. But you know, now there's a difference. A migraine is not an excuse, it's a reality and despite the headache I still want (need) to sit and write.

All of my ideas now gel and make sense. The ideas are solid and its finally just a matter of pumping out the words. I've done it once before and now I will do it again.

The only difference is that this time I'm armed with publisher names and a rock solid support group who know the twists and turns and how to achieve publishing success. My family members and friends who know me so well will know that my greatest dream had always been to be a published author.
2014 is going to be a huge year though because I also start my MBA at the end of March. Nothing like doing things half heartedly - all or nothing I say.

Remember this. This was my reminder that anything is possible if I just believe (with a bit of action on my part of course). I've been looking at these words daily since I got the tattoo on the 3rd January.

When I consider all of the amazing things in my life which I'm eternally grateful for, they're just tangible proof that believing is the first step.

So what are you believing in?

Cheers, Fi


  1. Congratulations on your winning. It's always fun to have that little surprise!

    As far as believing, right now Daniel and I are working on digging out of a financial hole, and we are dreaming of being able to leave our townhouse within the next couple of years. I am focused on trying to believe that can happen.

    1. You and Dan will make it happen Karen, you've been a success with your teaching and I have no doubt you will make this happen too - just believe hon

  2. Well done Fiona. Sounds like you made some solid progress, but so sorry to hear about the migraines. Right now, I am believing in my ability to get a solid night's sleep again :-( but other than that, I am focussing long term on my ability to complete my current studies and to develop a home-based career that will also accommodate my writing.

    1. Dorothy I hear you on that idea of developing a home based career that accommodates my writing. Best of luck with that and the sleeping

  3. Failure is just a word we use as an excuse not to try. Like you, I've had writing aspirations, but continually found reasons not to succeed. In the last few months I've managed to move past this. I write on my blog daily, and I'm making steady progress on my first novel. It really is all about belief. The feedback I've received has been positive, and the only question I ask myself now is what took so long! You clearly have an entertaining writing style. I've no doubt you'll succeed. Keep believing!

    1. Hi Alan, I do blog but not as regularly as I used too, probably once or twice a week now as opposed to the every day. I do write morning pages in my journal though on a daily basis - that's my private and encouraging thoughts for myself and is based on the Artists Way by Julia Cameron. I've found writing regularly and surrounding myself with like minded people have been me steps to writing breakthroughs.

      Here's to both of us being successful and believing!

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