Sunday, February 2, 2014

The old 'it's too hot excuse' - works for me

There are so many things I should and could be doing today, but with an outside temperature of 43 degrees celcius, most of those things have slipped down the list of importance to be replaced by 'stay cool' and 'don't overexert myself'.

Every ounce of guilt that sneaks in I just have to slap away.

I had my grandson yesterday and because it was so much cooler at only 42 degrees we were indoors. I bought him lots of colouring books, paper and pencils and crayons, so we had an afternoon of colouring and keeping cool.

Hubby and I took him and the dog to the beach at 8.30 last night. Beautiful time of the day to go to the beach, could have stayed all night.

Hot temperatures means no housework has been done other than dishes and clothes washing. This afternoon I had a nap instead, feel extremely lazy. It means housework will need to be done this week after work when it is cooler.

Nobody ever died from not having a clean bathroom or toilet did they - not when it's normally cleaned on a weekly basis. I guess if I don't come back to write any further posts you'll know why.

Do you ever wonder how many blogs and other forms of social media now exist in a cyber vacuum because there owners cease to exist or be capable of managing them anymore. Okay, so I do have some strange thoughts on occasion.

This week I also gave up on the fanciful thought that I would return to writing a blog post everyday - it's not workable and a couple of posts a week is just right for me at this stage I think.

I'm working out the nightmare that is called Facebook business pages for a lady I do some marketing and writing for. For all it's 'hype' and 'wonder', I do actually wonder how many of the Facebook creators actually did any market research on what people want and/or understand how it works or what the changes mean when they make them. What a dogs breakfast of mess.

Okay, so I've achieved some stuff today. Writing and mess fixing for a client almost done, personal blog post done, a World Moms Blog post is next on the list of things to do and then some of my personal writing. All part of my plan for staying cool and avoiding the housework.

Have a great week everyone and stay cool or warm depending on your location this week.

Cheers, Fi

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  1. I completely agree with you. So far, the temperature every summer and winter has been at its most extreme and is getting worse every year that going out on a really hot day can be a really bad idea. A better choice would be to stay indoors and try to avoid getting dehydrated, as you might get heat stroke. Take care!

    Darryl Lyons @ All About Air


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