Saturday, November 20, 2010

Law of Attraction

Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting - The Secret

Never was a truer quote made and this is precisely what I wrote about on my goal setting page. Our thoughts are so powerful and in turn our thoughts determine our reality - I really believe this. What remains though is the task for rewiring our thoughts to be the good that we want in our lives, not the bad that may have been, or that we fear may become.

It's ironic, because I think of the project that I am working on at work and as part of an ERP implementation, there is a great focus placed on the 'as is' and the 'to be'. What the business currently does and what the strategic plan is for the future, what they want to be able to do. This can be transferred into life - we need to think more about the 'to be' - the what we want to be rather than the 'as is', which is what we have currently.

I finished reading 'Eat, Pray, Love" this afternoon and was glad that I bought it. Elizabeth Gilbert discovered herself, something I believe we all should have an opportunity to do. I especially enjoyed the section when she was in Bali, having recently spent time there myself and being readily able to identify with the 'sights and sounds'.

I think it is about time that I considered some affirmations for myself. I know in the past that the things that I have seriously believed in for myself have become reality, so I have full faith in the Law of Attraction and the 'Dream it, Believe it, Do it' scenario. I think that I sometimes slow myself down with negativity, I just need to believe and then throw it out there so than it can be.

I also need to be more disciplined so that I write more and stop trawling other blogs - do you know how many truly awful blogs there are out there. No that's probably not fair, there are some truly amazing blogs out there, I just find two things infuriating - one, the links are either broken or the blog no longer exists and two, you find a truly well written and inspiring blog and then find that it hasn't been updated for a year or two.

It boggles the brain to think of all of the blogs which are floating unloved and untouched out there in the blogosphere. Will the internet ever get too full?

Well with that final piece of deep thinking, I'll be off

Cheers, Fi

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